Who Failed 1 Hour But Passed 3 Hour

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Emy - November 7

I failed my one hour glucose test. I don't if it b/c I am slightly IR or if it is because I took it the day after Halloween. Anyways, I went in for my 3 hour on Friday and am waiting for the results. I have heard of two friends who failed the 1 hour but then passed the 3 hour test. Do any of you ladies have any experience with either passing or failing these tests? Thanks...


Marivic - November 7

I failed the 1 hr and pa__sed the 3 hr. Apparently it's fairly common, since they don't require a decent fasting period before the 1 hr test. The 3 hr test was annoying, but my Dr.'s office let me lay down in an empty exam room so at least I got some rest. Good luck - I'm sure everything will be fine! ~ Marivic 35w4d


Cher - due tomorrow! - November 7

I failed my 1 hr and pa__sed the 3 hr. It is very common for the reason Marivic stated. Good luck!


Brandy - November 7

Emy, I too failed my 1 hour and pa__sed my 3 hour. I was also told that this is very common.


Emy - November 7

Thanks ladies...I am starting to feel more hopeful. I will find out my results tomorrow....


Heidi - November 7

So did I. I heard it's very common to fail the one hour but then pa__s the 3 hour. The nurse said it's dumb because they don't make you fast for the one hour and most women fail but then you fast for the 3 hour and almost everyone pa__ses it.


Ashlie - November 7

I pa__sed my one hour and then they lost the results of it and made me take it again and I failed so then I had to do the 3hr and pa__sed that one, my hospital also allowed me to lay down in a room, seen as I hadnt eaten anything and then the first thing they pump into you is sugar.


Beth B - November 8

Hi Emy its me from the Feb moms (on second trimester board) anyways thanks for asking this question. I was wondering the same thing. Let me know on either board how your tests comes back. I am going to take my three hour this weekend. How many points on the one hour did everyone get? I got a 177.


Swtpea - November 8

I failed the one hour and pa__sed the three hour. I had asked my doctor if I needed to change my eating habbit prior to the one hour, she said no, eat as normal and come in. My dad is diabetic... and I've seen what he's gone through for the past 10yrs, I know what the tests are like and prep, and he always has to fast before taking he goes in to have blood taken. SO I thought it wierd, but I suppose there's a reason for it. ANYWAYS... it makes no sense to me, that so many fail the one hour, then pa__s the three. Why is it... we fast before the 3, or at least we're suppoesd to... which makes more sense. Unlike the one hour, where we eat "normal" (*laughs* normal or not) and then go in a drink that gluco stuff.... no wonder we fail, we have TONS of stuff in our systems at that point to throw red flag. So... lol, I dont care to be poked by needles, let alone feeling sick, and having to wait at the clinic for 4 1/2 hrs.... I say, they should just have you fast the first time for a few hours or so prior to the 1 hr, or just do the 3 hour in the first place. LoL. AND... my dr./nurses done share what i got per hour, she doesnt even tell me what I'm measuring at, AND didnt tell me about what RhoGam was and why I needed the shot, ... just gave it to me when I got the flu shot... I'd never gotten the flu shot before, so I ... at first thought it to be a 2part shot until she handed me my rhogam card. >.< That is frustrating, SO, I've made a list of questions that I will be taking in with me next time!


Emy - November 8

I so agree with the last post. Everyone in my family who failed the one hour and then pa__sed the 3 said they drank orange juice or had cereal the morning of the test. I had a bowl of cereal and I wondering if that is what made me borderline. I ended up with a score of 139. (The cutoff is 135 for pregnant women and 140 for non pregnant women). If I could do it all over again I would have not eaten anything and I wonder if that would have done something. Only because I did not like the 3 hr. Hmm.....I ask the same question. Why do doctors do that if so many fail the first and then pa__s the second test?


Steph - November 8

I also had this happen, I was borderline for the one hour and pa__sed the three hour no problem. For me I think it was what I had eaten because for the one hour I took it later in the day after work and after eating all day and the 3 hour I had to fast for 8 hours before hand and the test was much more extensive - I am sure you are fine - good luck!


Emy - November 8

I pa__sed the 3 hour well within normal range! Yay!



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