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anne - June 16

: im going to be 34 weeks this saturday. im told i am terribly anemic although i feel great- and to top it off my iron levels are toxic. please post your hemoglobin (HGB) and red blood count (RBC) results. i am desperate to see if what im experiencing is normal


chrissy - June 16

My doctor didnt tell me my actual results (in numbers) but she did say that I am anemic and that I need to take 3 iron pills a day. I just went to walmart and bought a cheap brand of iron pills. It is just a vitamin strictly made of only iron and I havent felt any difference. I know the iron carries the oxygen to the blood and thats why it may be toxic for you because the baby might not be getting enough oxygen. Just start on some iron pills and Im sure your iron counts will be much higher next visit.


Nicole - June 17

Hi! I too am anemic, but I also feel great. I live a very active lifestyle and have worked out frequently throughout my pregnancy. Prepregnancy, I was a vegetarian, but I have actually eaten red meat quite a few times to increase my iron. Anyway, the nurse said my hematocrit was at 30 (instead of 45), and my doctor put me on some prescription iron, called Chromagen, because the over-the-counter brand I was taking wasn't absorbing. You may ask your doctor about it. Call them. Be careful to follow the instructions if you take it- the side effect is some I-kid-you-not-killer heartburn if not taken properly. PS- If you take vitamin C with Iron it will increase absorbtion, but if you take calcium or caffiene with iron it will decrease absorbtion. I hope I helped you, and I hope we both get our iron up before delivery! Good luck.


KH - June 17

my hematocrit was 32 and my hemoglobin was 11 I think. She wasn't very concerned, but I was very lethargic at the time. I started taking ferrous sulfate (65mgs) and feel sooo much better. I take it about 5 times a week near bedtime. We are very close on due dates. Mine is 7/24, but I'm having a c section on 7/18.


anne - June 17

chrissy, my iron levels are toxic - yet i am anemic. i dont have iron anemia, its something else. i am worried iwont find out what i need in time. nicole, i cant take any iron unfortunately, but wanted to say good job on being veg! KH, 11 hemoglobin is great. you need to be at least 11. mine is 8.6 :(


Mistee - June 18

I am too anemic, was put on an iron supplement. I feel fine. I got my results but forgot what they were.



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