Who Has Been Asked Quot Are You Having Twins Quot

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Cassie - October 20

Hello ladies. From the very beginning, people have asked me, "Are you sure you're not having twins?" I'm so sick of that question! No I'm not, and thanks for letting me know I look huge. Who else has been getting this question? I want to know I'm not alone!


kim j - October 20

yup!! i have been asked that a few times and even little kids at my sons school have said how many babies are in there.lol everybody says im all belly and i have not got big anywhere else but my belly really makes up for it. i am 37 weeks but measuring 41 weeks so you can only imagine how i look.


Trish - October 20

Ca__sie....I didn't know/remember that peeps were asking you that. I was asked that early on when I was about 12 weeks by a bank teller. I told her no I was not and she went on to say are you sure??? Because you know they can be wrong! I was horrified!!!! Haven't gotten that lately but am thinking I will because I look like I'm about to pop!


PATTY - October 20

Yess.....it is so annoying!!!! I have even had people to go to the lengths of telling me stories about so and so who had a ultrasound and one baby was behind the other baby and so looked as if there was only one baby but when so and so gave birth lo and behold there were two.......you cannot stop these stories and storytellers its one of them grin and bear it things :o)


Jenell - October 20

People ask me that all the time. And they also ask if I am due. I am only 27 weeks and they have been asking me this since week 20. I feel huge because of it. Honestly.. i think people run out of things to say, but feel the need to comment on pregnant bodies so they say really stupid things. i mean when else in your life would a total stranger comment on you weight. Don't feel bad, I think all of us get some dumb comment made sometime in pregnancy.


Ashlie - October 20

Yeah, i've been asked from day one, I even had a guy ask me if it was 2 or 3 babies. I am 38 wks being induced on the 26th because of "big baby" so not only am I huge but so is my baby.


T - October 21

Since the beginning I've been asked or told, even a mother of twins told me I was (I'm not).


Lesley - October 21

My last midwife appointment wasn't my regular midwife. She asked me if I'm havin twins cos she coul feel 2 heads (so she thought). I get asked all the time by friends and family.


Krissy - October 21

yep, I know exactly how you feel. I've been asked if I'm having twins by about 10 people and the other 10 said it looks like I'm going to pop anyday now! I also had this waitress that said "Wow I had a 12 pound baby and I wasn't nearly as big as you are" IS THAT SUPPOSE TO MAKE ME FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF? Just remember ladies we didn't like the comments when we were pregnant so dont say things like that to other woman later!!! lol


Ca__sie - October 21

Thank you all for your answers! I figured I wasn't alone. I think people forget how big women get when pregnant. I was pretty thin prior to this, and so now that I'm all b__wn up, they're just not used to it. Everyone tells me I'm so huge, but I think they just don't know/have forgotten, what a pregnant woman looks like. I mean c'mon.. I am almost 33 weeks... I'm supposed to be big!


Lynnette - October 24

If it makes you feel better someone actually said to me in fact are you sure its not triplets............you are not alone. I can't bend down to put my shoes on-I'm only 35 weeks!


TCM - October 25

Hi - I got this for the first time yesterday - "Are you sure there's only one in there? AND you still have 2 months to go!!". Dont know what goes through people's minds when they comment on the size of pregnant women.


R - October 25

Oh my goodness, yes! When I was just about 6 months the checker at the grocery store asked me how many days I had left & when I told her 3 months she went on to tell me how huge her daughter got when she was pregnant! I've gotten the twins question also. People are so rude sometimes!


Jackie - October 28

I had a guy tell me that his wife, who is pregnant w/ twins and a month farther along than me, was a smaller than I am! Thanks alot!


Sarah - October 28

I have been asked that since about 12 weeks...I was a size 2 and I was showing right away. I am 30 weeks pregnant and about a week ago a co-worker yelled across the office floor "Sarah, you look fat today" I was very hurt and she could not understand why. The preggers hormones made me especially sensitive and I went to my office and could not stop crying for quite sometime.


Jodie - October 28

I get that same thing all the time. I don't know why even the produce guy at the grocery store felt the need to tell me that he didn;t think I was going to "make it" I am a small framed person and was showing right away as well. I am now at 30 weeks and get the question all the time about twins!


Amy - November 2

I am 39 and pregnant for the first time. I had one neighbor tell me that I was really big when I was 4 months pregnant (am now 8 mos.). Another neighbor told me that I'm too old to be pregnant and another neighbor told me a horrible pregnancy story about her niece. I don't know what's wrong with people!!



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