Who Has Gone To 41 Or 42 Weeks

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Jenn2 - June 13

I will be 41 weeks this thursday (6/15). I have a doctors appointment that day, and no induction date scheduled as of yet. I really do not want to be induced, and will not unless its medically urgent. My doctor is fine with that as long as everything is checking out OK. The wait is killing me though!! I was just curious to hear from other moms who have (either with this pregnancy or a past pregnancy) gone to 41 or 42 weeks before going into labor naturally. I read that appx. 75% of women have their babies by the time they are 41 weeks, and another 20% have them (naturally) in the 42nd week. I just dont seem to see too many moms going that long on this forum. I am slowly loosing my buddies from one of my other posts with Lindsay, Lindsey, and mommie2b.


Roary - June 13

well, I am actually only 36 + weeks right now, but I thought I would share my mother's experience with you. She went to 42 + weeks with me. The doctors tried inducing her twice just around 40 weeks (once with pitocin, once with something I can't recall) and it had no effect. So, she told them to sod off. She went into labour naturally at the aforementioned 42+ weeks--more than half a month after their attempts. I was born naturally without any complications even though I was overdue. She did have an episiotomy; I weighed nearly 10 lbs and was 22 inches long.


Nora1 - June 13

I'm still here at 38 weeks. I noticed that you 3 had your own little posting though for a while. It seems as though almost all the other June moms are gone now or not posting much anymore.


starr - June 13

With my first son in 1994 I was 42wks and delivered naturally.Induction was never even mentioned to me.My son was 10lbs 22in.My second son(born in 1996)came 1 day before his due date,also natural.Now here I am 10 yrs later with #3 and will be 40wks on June 17 with my induction scheduled on June 19.It is not medically necessary but that is the office policy.Maybe out of fear of the risks of something happening to me or the baby.Who knows,but I'm totally against it.I don't want to go too far over but I don't want to be induced either.Hopefully baby will come soon.Good Luck.


melanie - June 13

I think I talked to you on another thread a few days ago but I am going to be 41 wks on thursday as well, with the same due date as you, so far I don't think I will go into labor myself and have an induction day for sunday, and what is worse is this is my fourth baby and have had all my babys at 38 wks. This one just wants to hang out a little longer I guess


Jenn2 - June 13

melanie- wow! you had 3 others at 38 weeks, and this time around your baby is staying in longer. That is pretty interesting since they say first time moms tend to go over, and every labor afterwards is a bit shorter. You should join one of my other threads on being overdue. Hopefully they wont be going much longer for all of us, but until we all have our babies.....we will just keep posting.


Trinity102203 - June 13

Jenn2, I am a June mommy, a very frustrated one too. My due date is June 14th, which is today. I had my first at 38 weeks, and really thought this one would have come by now, which is probably why it hasn't. I don't want to get induced either but my doctor will schedule me on Monday for that week if I don't go by then. I just don't understand why so many of us are being threatened with being induced. What is the problem that the baby just won't come on its own. It is very very frustrating. I have a 2 year old that I would really like to get back to normal with. Why won't labor come????


luvmyboys - June 14

I was induced at 42 weeks + 2 with my third son. I have no idea why he didn't want to come. I had my other two at 35 weeks and 41 weeks without induction. And the third was also 10 lbs. Who knows why things happen how they do. Hang in there, it does end, I promise!


Jenn2 - June 14

wow! It looks like all the overdue babies were 10lbs!! yikes! I am starting to feel unusually heavy in the middle, and I have tried EVERYTHING!!! to get labor going. I am truely a believer now that there is NOTHING you can do to start labor......the baby is going to come when its time.


mia - June 14

Hi ladies,i'm not overdue just yet.......due sunday 18th june,but iv'e got a horrible feeling i will still be typing or venting here this time next week,i soooooo hope not.I already have one child a boy he was born on his due date 7 years ago,he was 7lb 2oz,i thought this one would come earlier,i have also heard that 2nd 3rd pregnancies are usually shorter,but i am begining to wonder.My stomach is constantly hard and although i wrote on another thread only yesterday i think, that i didn't feel uncomfortable today i feel really uncomfortable i honestly believe i have no room left.



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