Who Hasn T Got The Brown Line Through There Tummy Yet

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Katie - February 5

I am 27 weeks and still have not gotten the line on my tummy. Does everyone get it?


Lindsay - February 5

No, not everyone gets it. In my experiences of talking to people (most of these were white, fair skinned women) none of them got it. It goes away after birth though so I wouldnt worry about it if I were you. Good luck :) Oh btw, Im 34+ weeks and havent gotten one.


Katie - February 5

When do people start to get it?


Drew - February 5

You also won't get it if your tummy muscles were less than mmmm tight. The reason the line appears is because as the uteris grows, the ab muscles in that area seperate somewhat, and it leaves that line. You can start to get it when you pop, or it can happen days before birth if your belly takes one last growth spurt. And, like Lindsay said, it does depend on your skin tone. I was a little "fluffy" and my ab muscles were less than toned before getting pg and I don't have one...pretty confident I won't get one either!! lol :)


Annette - February 5

Drew, hope you are right!!! that would mean that I had tight muscles prepreg because I have the nastiest line from my pelvis to my b___bs, looks like drawn with a Sharpie, no kidding, LOL! but I read it is due to increased skin pigmentation, the same thing that makes nipples get darker and some of us get pregnancy mask, not related to muscles stretching. I am jealous you don´t have one!


Kiddolebel - February 5

I never got it with my son and I dont have it either with this pregnancy. And as far as it not showing up because tummy muscles arent tight, thats not true =) I had a NICE stomach before both pregnancies. It does depend on your skin tone and such but not because your tummy is less tone before =)


J - February 5

I don't have it, and that doesn't make me sad, one less line to worry about (32 weeks, 2 days)


Kiddolebel - February 5

Im with you J =) I had enough stretch marks to deal with thats for sure..i didnt need the extra line, lol. This one im hoping I dont get any OTHER stretch marks to add.


Drew - February 5

Ooops....I should clarify what I meant!! I didn't mean the only way you won't get it is if your tummy muscles weren't tight. What I meant is it's a combination of the two....skin pigmentation and tummy muscles. So even if your super toned, but your very fair, chances are you won't get it. Uggh, this preggy brain....nothing ever comes out like I want it to!! lol


Shawna - February 5

I had one for about a week, starting at around 18 weeks. Then it went away completely, and here I am at 33 weeks and no line visible. I am white, with pale hair and skin.


kat - February 5

Hi This is my third and I've had that brown line running north to south with all of them. I'm fair skinned and it went away within a month of birth. It's not a stretch mark..they never go away..


Kiddolebel - February 5

Its ok Drew =) No problemo. We knew what you were trying to say, lol. We all have our moments.


Erin - February 6

I'm very fair skinned and was moderately toned before getting pregnant.. weird thing is, I've always had this line from bellyb___ton down. Maybe my hormones have always been out of wack!! Anyway since getting pregnant and showing it's gotten a little bit darker and there's even a faint line from bellyb___ton up to my chest.. guess I'm an oddball!


Kel - February 6

I have the line. I am fair skinned and my stomach was pretty much in tact before getting pregnant. I noticed that the line is getting longer now...its on its way up to my chest!


mel - February 6

no, not everyone gets it. alot of it depends on heredity and the amount of pigment in your skin. I haven't gotten even a faint one with either of my pregnancies.


Tess - February 6

Im 25-26 wks pg and I dont have the line yet on my tummy. :)


Ba8y6irl - February 6

nope I dont have it yet! I am going on 26 weeks! I hope it never comes!



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