Who Is 30 Weeks

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wifey711 - March 9

I am just going into my 30th week with my 3rd preg ALOTT more aches and pains this time around wanted to know what anyone else might be feeling ???


jacquilyn - March 10

Hi i'm 30 weeks today and i have been getting really bad braxton hicks contractions but only at night.other than that no other aches and pains.we have not got long to go hey?


Melissa30 - March 10

Hello wifey711 I am 33 weeks today with my 3rd also. Boy do I know what you mean about more aches and pains this time around. This baby will be 9 years younger than his youngest brother. I had my kids at 19 and 21. Now I am 30 and pregnant again. I have aches and pains in muscles I did not even know I had. I tell you what there is a BIG difference in being pregnant at 21 and being pregnant at 30. Hang in there, we are almost done.


Tracy88 - March 10

I am 30 weeks today and can't give birth soon enough!! This wee-one is my first and has given me a run for my money from the start.


misschrissie - March 10

I am 30 weeks 2 days. I printed off a pregnancy calendar from justmommies(dot)com which tells you how big the baby is each week and what's happening with your body. WELL, this week it says "you may notice leaking colostrum" and "you may be experiencing leaking urine or stress incontinence". Welcome to my life !!! I'm leaking from everywhere. Not a lot of aches and pains yet though. I guess that's something to be thankful for.....


Tracy88 - March 11

See, I'm not leaking from anywhere, yet have all the aches and pains!


wifey711 - March 12

hey ladies ... Going back to the tired days napping during the day I have a really bad pain in my groin .. I go to the doctor tommorow Morning ... I am leaking also !! Cant stand it ..


Tracy88 - March 14

I wish I could nap. I always feel sleepy, but still have too much physical energy to sleep. Being on forced bed rest doesn't help either. I just want to get up and nest, but can't!


wifey711 - March 14

I wish I had more physical enerygy ... this time around i just dont have what I use to have ... how are u guys feeling


StarsMoon - March 16

Hi Wifey711 ... I am 30 wks and 1 day.. This is my second baby... Yes, i can understand all the aches and pains. And sleepy during the day. It's hard to do cause of the 4 yr old trying to get into stuff. Wanna take him to day care a few days out of the week but just haven't mustard up enough energy to do so... I didn't feel like this with my first one and I was 27 when he was born. Now at 32 yr old, I'm feeling miserable. And the heartburn is killing me. In fact the Dr. has just put me on Zantac and also said I needed a iron pill too. The first baby was such a breeze.... Now I'm am just wishing for May to hurry up and get here.....



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