Who Plans To Breastfeed

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anne - June 8

i wasn't really for it, but my husband keep stalking me to think about br___tfeeding. i knowits great for the baby, as well as for us to shape up faster.. but what if i fail at it? i hear its very painful too. who plans to bf?


ES - June 8

Anne- I share your concerns and all I can say is I am going to try. I am going to give it a chance and if it works out that it is a mutually fullfillling experience for the baby and I then great if not then I will stop. I certainly would not look at it as a failure if you are unsuccessful. And as far as the pain- yess I am sure there is some but I have also heard that it can be quite pleasurable. And get help from the start.


anne - June 8

it's about all we can do i guess. i read in the NY times today that we should bf only (no solids) for the first 6 months, not 4, and then an additional 6 months is recommended. the upside is that we wont have a period while we bf. if this all goes well we plan on having a second baby next year. we'll see...


ES - June 8

Also the upside I see is cost. Not only is it better but its free. That's actually my motivation for trying. I don't want to go back to work and if I could feed the new mouth for free it would help. My husband will have a raise by the time we hit 6 months.


monica - June 8

I plan to bf... but I also plan on pumping so that my husband can feed baby as well. With my first bf actually made me gain weight because all I wanted to do was sleep and eat. Also with my first I gave him formula starting at 2 months I swear from that moment on he slept the whole night through. Knock on wood but he is now 4 and I have never had to be up all night with him. But I think this time around I wont be so lucky....


Katharine - June 9

I will certainly do it again. It is painful, but worth it in a lot of other ways. And, boy, the day that the pain just wasn't there anymore was great! I will warn you, though, you will have to overcome several obstacles. My worst was that I received a box from a formula company with a bottle and pre-made formula in it. I remember during the first week, being in pain, tired and generally miserable, and spotting that box. My husband helped me overcome it and we were lucky enough to be successful with b___stfeeding until it finally tapered off around 11 months. It was such a great bonding experience and I lost my weight quick. Plus, the cost savings were great (probably thousands of dollars over time).


tara - edd 8/8/05 - June 9

I also plan to b___stfeed or at least try my very best to do so. If you find it uncomfortable you can always pump and feed through a bottle but I believe it will be very time consuming. Breast milk has a lot of nutritional value in the first year, but babies who still b___stfeed after the first year do so more for comfort becuase after the first year there isn't a lot of nutrition that babies can get from b___st milk.


Kara - June 9

I've heard it's usually only uncomfortable for the first week or so, then you adjust and if its painful after that they reckon it's because the baby is not latching on right or is at the wrong angle. Be confident girls, i know it doesn't always work for everybody, but think positive now and you'll have the best chance of b/f successfully - Before formula was invented thats all we ever had, and everyone survived it!



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