Who S Getting Their Baby S Immunized

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livdea - June 21

I'm thinking against immunization for my baby until she is older. There are so many risk factors and studies about how much they pump these little tiny babies full of drugs, and how there is a link to autisim and other disorders. I know a lot of people don't immunize until their children are much older...which I think is what I'm going to do. Their little bodies are just so little to take all that in!! Just curious as to if any one feels the same way?!


Nora1 - June 21

This is a situation I really haven't researched, but have heard a little about it. I haven't even thought about it yet...I wish they didn't need to be immunized because this is a BIG decision! Hmmm..Don't know yet...


Victoria_1985 - June 21

Hey liv-I'm pretty sure I'm doing the same thing as you. I think babies should have time to try to build up their own anntibodies. I asked my doctor and he was totally like you have to get your baby immunized....UMMMMMM NO I DON'T!!!! My mother-in-law says the same thing. I just don't think that putting drugs into their systems so young is healthy for them, plus if you don't give their system a chance to work on its own maybe your doing more damage than good. I have to do alittle more research but I think I'm with you on this one!!!


mcatherine - June 21

I have a 10 year old son and he has never had immunizations (and yes, he goes to public school). I do not plan to have them given to this child either. Make sure you reseach the links between the MMR vaccine and autisim as well as the chicken pox vaccine linked to the body's inability to effectively fight disease. Also, there are a lot of doctors out there now that don't follow "main stream" pediatrics and welcome parents that want the more natural approach to rasing their children. Not every fever needs tylenol and not every cough needs an antibiotic. My doctor is a liscensed physician but also practices homeopathy and our whole family loves her approach to our health. You're smart to research this and give it some serious thought.


Steph - June 21

My son will be immunized with everything but the MMR (which is supposed to be given at 15 months). I will decide when he goes to kindergarten whether or not he'll have the MMR then. Oops, he won't get the chicken pox vaccine either. I don't see any reason for it.


Alycia - June 21

http://www.mercola.com/2004/dec/29/vaccination_schedule.htm This is a very useful source of information. I'm doing what it suggests and waiting until age 2.


missusfrench - June 21

Hi. I've been reading the forums for a long time and finally registered. I also was worried about side effects of immunizations with my oldest daughter who's now 4. When she had her MMR done at age 15 months, she developped full b__wn Measles (not contagious, because due to immunization). My family doctor advised the company that makes the vaccines that in rare cases this could happen. She was absolutely fine apart from needing to be kept from the sun for a week (no pain or itching.) The doctor told me that it was a good thing I had she contracted measles without being immunized, she would have likely had serious complications (brain damage and even likely die.) I'm not here to scare anyone or judge in any way, but since then I am really glad I had her immunized and will surely get our new baby immunized as well when the time comes. Sorry if I've been so long....


Steph - June 21

From reading your post, it seems as if your daughter got the measles from the vaccine due to the vaccine being the live virus, correct? I'm just trying to make sure that I am understanding your post.


missusfrench - June 21

Hi Steph. Yes that is correct, but that kind of reaction is not common (so much so, that the doctor notified the manufacturer) and indicates that my daughter would have had a strong reaction to the disease causing severe complication. Sorry if I wasn't clear


Jill - June 21

My 15 year old step daughter, my 6year old daughter and my almost 2 year old son have never been vaccinated. (The girls do go to public school) It will be the same way with this child. My husband is a chiropractor and has had a lot of education on this subject. I will have to admit I was very nervous in the beginning, coming from a family of who never questioned conventional medicine, but as soon as I started researching I knew I was making the best decision. I understand that this decision is not for everyone but I think I is wonderful that you ladies are questioning the logic of pumpimg tiny babies full of chemicals (the vaccine fillers include, formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum, paint thinner, antifreeze,MSG....It goes on and on) The day of birth Hepat_tis B vacine contains 12 mcg mercury, 30 times the safe level, it gets even worse as they get older. There are a lot of very scary facts. I think if you do decide to vaccinate, waiting util the child is older is very smart. Alos consider spreading the shots out, It is amazing the doctors will vaccinate for 4 different diseases at one time. It overloads the immune system and leads to chronic illness. I know it will be a challenge to find support on this isuue. I wish you all the best of luck!


ashley - June 21

Jill in order to enrole your child in kindergarten they have to show proof of immunizations. I know this because I did school nursing. I also worked at a pediatric clinic. I believe its mandatory to immunize against the Measles, Mumps and Rubella because of the serious outbreaks.


Mommy - June 21

You can't even register for school where I live unless you have all vaccinations up to date. It's a small town, but there were/are flyers put up almost everywhere saying if you do not have your vaccinations up to date, you may as well not even bother to register for school. I live in Illinois. I don't think really anyone from this village I live in are anti-vax. Just a thought, I'm not trying to cause trouble by any means. :o)


dee23 - June 21

ashley u must be from around where i am. here, they say u have a choice to weather u immunise your children but then they say most schools wont except them if they arent immunised...go figure.


livdea - June 22

All I gotta say about the school issue is...Thank Goodness for Montissori and home schooling...which I also plan to do for a good time being. I know there are loop holes to getting around the vaccines in a normal school system but like many of you are saying...it's tough. I'm just pro letting our bodies do what they are made to do! We never even give our immune systems a chance to develop before we are pumping them full of chemicals. And ultimately, making ourselves weaker. I'm not saying I'm against immunization at all, just not on an 8 lb baby. Like Jill said, the chemicals are insane and INTENSE...even for an ADULT. Especially when they are seeing all these links between mercury in the vaccines and autisim...I don't see it as just a coinscidence. So while my little girly is growing I'm going to let her build up her anti bodies and her system before I go pumping her full of stuff.


dee23 - June 22

cant there be some kind of law saying that if you immunize your infant and something goes wrong, then they pay for whatever it takes to correct the problem, even though i know its a chance thing, they are the ones encouraging us to do it.


DeeJay - June 22

I am definately considering no shots at least for a few years. In my small circle of close friends 3 of 5 children under the age of 3 have been diagnosed with mild autism, or are very slow to develope motor skills. They were all given EVERY shot in the book because these are by the book people. It just seems scary to me. I work with animals and now they are saying not to give your dogs and cats their shots every year because it can cause cancer and other problems, I don't vaccinate my indoor cats at all. So why are we finally being concerned about the health of our pets and vaccines, what about little 8lb babies??? I do not dis medicines completely, we definately have a need for them, but I have started leaning to more holistic treatments for myself and my animals, and the results have been so much better. Especially when it comes to side effects. As for schools where I live many students are enrolled with out shots due to "religious reasons" so if that is the route I must take than I'll say its for religious reasons. And as for the chicken pox vaccine, that is so not needed. Really the chicken pox, had it, and its not that bad for most people. I'll take a few days of itching instead of pumping me full of chemicals. But I am glad to see some people feel the way I do or are at least thinking about it and not taking just the gov't and doctors word, (not to mention prescription companies).


Jill - June 22

Ashley, my children definatly do go to public school! They just finished 9th grade and kindergarten. We have a religous exemption, which all public schols have to honor. Being a school nurse I am sure you know that. I spoke with the school nurse and she told me the only problem we would have if there was a measle outbreak in the school my children would have to stay home until the outbreak Is over. Actually it is private inst_tutions that do not have to honor religous exemptions, we ran into that problem at a catholic high school my step daughter was going to. With the measles and mumps outbreaks that are now occuring throughout the country, they are affecting immunzied children, it really makes you question the effectivness of these vaccines. I just really wanted to say that I appluad the women who are questioning the logic of pumping babies full of these man made chemicals. I kow it is very contraversial decision. I am lucky to have a great support system regarding this (my mother-in-law is an owner and operator of a holistic healing school). We are a holistic family, my children have never been to a medical doctor. It is scary in the beggining, but I know it is all worth it. They have never had and drugs of any kind, not to say if they were seriously ill I would not take them, I have just been blessed that there bodies function as they should . I believe that is becausewe did not bombard there immune systems when they were babies and the lifestyle we live.



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