Who To Ask To Come To Hospitol For Birth

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Lindsey - August 25

Im a single mom in my last few weeks of pregnancey. The father lives 500 miles away and says he is going to come but i really cannot rely on that and i dont want to have this baby alone. With my first child he was here, we were still together then and my aunts came. But this time i will be in a hospitol away from my aunts because i live farther away now and i dont think they would come anyway because my aunts, along with most of my family doesnt agree with me for having this child. They thought that since my x left me to be a single mother with our first child i shouldnt keep this child im pregnant with because it was hard enough to be a single parent of one and two would just be too much for me but i dissagree. Because of that my family rarely even asks me about the new baby, they dont even know when im due! I would love to invite my mom and i no she would have come weather she agreed with me or not but unfortunatley she died 2 1/2 years ago. So is it ok for me to invite a close friend or two to come and be with me when im in labor? I dont want to go threw this alone, that is my greatest fear, that i will be in the hospitol delivering this baby without any familure faces.


bump - August 26



citrouille - August 26

oh Lindsey, I'm so sorry that you are alone to go through this. I think you should ask a close friend to go with you. I know that if a friend asked me, I would go without any hesitation. I'm sorry that your family doesn't agree with you having this child. I believe that they want the best for you, but they should be supportive of the decisions you make. my family went through a similar situation with my sister but luckily everyone came around eventually and was there to support her. I live very far away from my sister so i'm glad my mom was there for her at the hospital.. since you don't have your mom, I think it is very appropriate to ask a good friend! I would be touched if someone asked me.


Lindsey - August 26

Thanks citrouille for your words. That is what i will do ask a good friend. I just didnt know if that was appropriate. As for my family, i really thought they would get over it and end up loving the baby like they do my first child, but by this time with my last pregnancey they were calling me everyday asking if we had a baby on the way yett. And they dont ask at all now. Hopefully once the baby is born their att_tudes will change when they see the little face and tiney hands and feet. Thanks for your input!


C - August 26

Lindsey- I think whichever friend you chose to come should be honored that you asked them. It is hard enough to go through prenncy and then labor and delivery, but being alone makes is so much tougher. Definitely ask friend or two to come with you. Also, I hope that your family gets over their issues with your pregnancy and come around to embrace this little one in their lives.


Amie - August 26

I would think a close friend would be just fine. Just be comfortable with whom ever you choose. Will you be doing this natural or epidural. If you want to do natural then you will want to have a friend who is willing and able to help you through that. Personally, family is important, and my advice would be to at least tell your aunts when you are going into the hospital so they can make the choice wether to come or not. But yes have a friend there with you.


Lindsey - August 26

Amie, With my first daughter i had a saddle block but it wore off just befor i started pushing to the hole hard labor part was without any medicine, i felt everything! It was horrible! That was really hard and emotional for me so this time i am going to go for the epideral. And i will let my family know when i go, i guess ill see what happens. thanks



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