Who Was Induced 1st Pregnancy Went Into Labor 2nd Pregnancy

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kades_momma - January 20

I will be 37 weeks tomorrow, my doctor is considering me full term, so if I go into labor it won't be stopped. I was induced with my 1st son due to gestational diabetes at 38 weeks,also cause I was under alot of stress with my mom dieing of cancer. This time,I am considered borderline diabetic. If I don't have the baby by my due date I am going in that night to be induced. I have a different doctor this time,and she would like me to go into labor on my own. She says it's so much easier. The 1st time labor lasted 9 hours,but the doctor broke my water when I was only dilated to a 1. I had back to back contractions, with no breaks and horrible back labor. Pushed him out in 15 minutes.I guess my question is how many of you went into labor on your own the 2nd time after being induced with your first child? And what was the hours difference from your 1st and 2nd labor? Or if you were induced twice, how was it for you the 2nd time? Sorry I know I'm full of questions, but I really want to go into labor on my own to experience it, but I feel like it's not going to happen, and not only that I'm actually a little scared for it to happen cause I never experienced it the first time. Hope you all have some advice and answers for me, I do know everyone is different. Thanks so much!-Kari


kades_momma - January 20

no i did not have the amnio. but i wasn't on insulin either, i was on a strict diet, and had to poke my finger 3 times a day.Most likely you won't have a c section you will just be induced early. Diabetes causes large babies. If I can help you more let me know. Kari


Jadejewels - January 20

Hey Kades... When I was preggers with my first he was three days overdue and on the larger side and when I went for a non stress test was told that his heart rate was not going up as much as they would have liked him to when he was having movements so they induced me which was something I cannot begin to even put into words..but I'm sure you know that. besides having labor rushed I also pushed out a 9 lb child while not even being fully dilated. With my second which was 19 months later My water broke on my own and I went into labor on my own and gave birth to a healthy little girl 3 hrs later!! With my son it took 5 hrs which isn't a big difference. But I will say that having things happen on their own was so much more of a peaceful labor and delivery. I hope it works out for you the way you want it to but if you have to be induced it won't make a difference once the babies born anyway right! :) Good luck to you and your little one....



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