WHY Numbness

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asdf - August 4

im 36 weeks and for the past 2 weeks my right hand has been going numb. Now it has gotten worse and my first and middle finger stay numb all the time.. Its really aggravating and if i move my hand a certain way it shoots sharp pains through my whole hand. My wrist also hurts sometimes and my fingers are extremely sore!! does anyone know what is wrong or if i should go to the ER to find out whats wrong.... any comments..please


Brandi - August 4

I dont know, my legs go numb easily too! and my b___t! Its strange.


T. - August 4

That is so weird. I thought that was only happening to me! My middle and ring finger on my right hand have been going numb for the past week or so. Sometimes my whole hand. Usually at night while I'm sleeping. Even if I'm not laying on my hand it happens. It's very uncomfortable. I'm not sure if it's due to being pregnant or not, but, I'm going to read up on it. I hope it gets better for you and good luck!


b - August 4



Beth - August 4

Do you type all day or have a desk job? They say it is very common for that type of thing to happen to pg woman, and also for pg woman to get tendinitis or carpul tunnel.


asdf - August 4

yes, i set at a desk and type all day.. lol.. guess that is just making my wrist & fingers hurt more..


Audrea - August 4

I have the same problem only it is my pinky finger and half of the ring finger. I have had this problem for two months now and I am 30 weeks. I was told it is due to the extra fluid while being pregnant and it goes away after delivery. It can get very painful sometimes and is very aggrivating.


Kristin to ASDF - August 4

Hello, I just got back from my doc appointmnet. I am 35 weeks. I have the same problem and told the doc and she says it is a mild case of carpal tunnel. Get a brace and use that!


OO - August 4

It definitely sounds like pregnancy induced carpel tunnel. I had it severely with my 1st pregnancy. It helps to wear a wrist/hand brace at night and ask your husband or a friend to give you a hand ma__sage with hand lotion. It is completely normal and it (usually) disappears right before or right after delivery. Good luck...I know your pain :(


missy - August 4

Heres some info i found: Due to the swelling of tissues in the narrow pa__sages of your wrists, tingling and numbness in the fingers is a common occurrence during pregnancy. The swollen tissues put pressure on nerves which can cause numbness and tingling. If the numbness is accompanied by pain and is located in the area of the thumb, index finger, middle finger and half of your ring finger, you may be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Since fluids tend to acc_mulate in your hands and feet throughout the day due to gravity, you may find that your symptoms are more severe at night. Avoid sleeping on your hands and try elevating then on a separate pillow when you go to sleep. You can also try hanging the affected hand over the side of the bed and shaking it when numbness occurs. If the numbness persists, check with your pract_tioner.


Staci - August 4

the books i have say its actually common during pregnancy due to increased fluid and muscle changes, id mention it to the dr, but dont panic.


Jbear - August 4

Carpal tunnel is very common during pregnancy and it goes away after your baby is born, usually. For a while I was getting big blue spots along with numb hands, and my doctor said that was normal too.


teresa - August 5

is there anything I can do? I type all day everyday at work.. my wrist and arm hurts bad and my first and middle finger are like completely numb.. its just getting worse day by day and I am just 36 weeks today..


Kristin - August 5

Get a wrist brace



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