Why All This Induction

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Trinity102203 - June 13

Anyone have any idea why labor doesn't start by itself. I am a second time mom, had my first at 38 weeks, and I am currently 40 weeks with this one with all the signs of labor in the world but no labor. I will have to be induced next week, and I don't want to have to stay up at the hospital for that long. I am so frustrated with the fact that my labor hasn't started on its own. I have 5 days to go into labor before being scheduled, which I will do simply because I don't want to the baby to get too big, but my question is what is wrong with our bodies that labor doesn't start naturally? It is plaguing me.


melanie - June 14

this is my fourth baby and I had all three at 38 weeks without being induced, now woth this one a totally different story, I will be 41 wks in 2 days and will be induced on sunday. I have no idea why my body isn't doing anything on it's own this time. I don't even get the braxton hicks mabe once a day.


Jamie - June 14

I don't think it's a function of our bodies being unable to go into labor, but rather us getting too impatient. You WOULD go into labor regardless, because there simply isn't enough room in your body for two people. But you yourself said you're worried about your baby getting too big - if you just let nature take it's course instead of worrying about something like that, you wouldn't "need" to be induced.


Lala - June 14

Here here Jamie! I agree.


Jamie - June 14

I'm not saying all inductions are unnecessary. I myself was induced at 37 weeks, because of pre-eclampsia, so there ARE occa__sions when mothers need to be induced, I just don't believe that's true for the majority of inductions.


Trinity102203 - June 14

That being said, why should we allow our bodies to do it naturally after 42 weeks when we risk an "unnatural" C-section because our bodies have grown a giant baby?


mom.2.5 - June 14

I just had my 5th, he is 1wk today, I had to be induced also (pih & large baby) at 38 wks, my body is crazy to, my 1st & 4th & 5th were all inductions, 2nd & 3rd came on there own at 37 wks. I 'm glad he induced me this time he weighed 8lbs 12 oz but i wanted to try to go on my own. but it was ok, i had cervidil for the first time and it worked on its own without the pitocin.so i must have been ready. Good luck


Jamie - June 14

Trinity, get off the defensive. You asked a question, I answered. The fact is, our bodies ARE able to go into labor naturally, we don't LET them. I never said anything one way or another about whether you should be induced or not, because I'm not you, nor am I your doctor. If you don't want a truthful answer, don't ask the question.


Krista - June 14

wow. some people are acting so immature. Have some of us forgotten that we're all on here to help eachother? We should be able to ask questions without the worry of someone attacking us...and we should be able to answer questions in a "nice" way without making anyone defensive. Lets all get a long...I know we're all moody...lets not forget it's like we're all PMSing all the time yet trying to get along...even if you dont think you're being mean...you probably are. Just be careful people we dont need to argue. =)


Kara H. - June 15

I think a lot of the reason you are seeing so many more inductions is due to three reasons, 1) doctor's malpractice insurance 2) HMO's making you use hospitals miles away from home 3) So may people having went thru the hell of fertilty treatments -- Doctors are afraid of getting sued if they allow you to go to long and there is a cord accident, or the planenta stops funtioning properly do to going past full term. HMO's sometime require driving past three good capable hospitals to get to the one that is in their network. I will stop here has I have really strong feelings on HMO's. :[ Thirdly, with 2 out of 10 couples relying of medical science to help them bring a child into this world, their anxiety level is much higher than the average pregnant couple. Comfort and short labor are not the first concerns on their mind. They just want to bring home their healthy baby. Personally, I am a combination of #2 and #3. My doctor and hospital is over an hour away, and I have had repeat micarriages and needed the a__sistance of a fertilty specialist to maintain my current pregnancy. So even though we are currently 31wks, we have set a date during the 38th week that we will induce on if nature hasn't taken its course by then. I feel good about my decision, but it is a very personal one. I don't think women should be forced into induction if it is not what they want even if they are past their due date, as long as they fully understand their risk.


EricaG - June 15

There's no black or white on this and many other issues relating to pregnancy. It's a very gray area. Some people get induced because of health risks, others get induced because they're impatient or want to schedule their birthing.. The truth is that a lot of people start freaking out if they haven't had their baby at 40 weeks. But 40 weeks is your estimated due date and can go two weeks either way without being considered preterm or post term. In my opinion if the baby is at risk or you are at risk, by all means induce! But if everything's fine, just let nature take it's course. Most women will have gone into labor by 42 weeks, however an occasional pregnancy will go to 44 weeks or a little bit longer. Even though I'm in a hurry to get my gallbladder out so I can continue a normal life, I still plan on letting my baby come when she decides that she's ready or if the doctor gives me a legitimate reason why I should be induced. In my opinion a "big" baby isn't a good reason. notice how I said "in my opinion" meaning I have nothing against people with their own opinion on the subject. The reason I don't think this is a good reason is because doctor's have a reputaion for being wrong about the weight of the baby. Mainly because they have no way of knowing for sure, ultrasound and feeling of the abdomen can all display results that are 2 or more lbs away from the baby's true weight. And even if the risk of a cesarean rises with the weight of the baby, the rate of cesarean ALSO rises with induction. Anyway, good luck to everyone :o)


Trinity102203 - June 15

I feel the same. I don't want to get induced because of C-section risk and I don't want to wait forever due to big baby because of C-section risk and not even for my own selfish reasons. I wouldn't mind the c-section so much. I am not that bad with pain and such, even thought it would be my first surgery. My thing is I have a 2 year old that I would like to be able to take care of properly and I dont' want to stay in the hospital. I am electing to leave right after birth to go home instead of staying the 2 days with v____al. I can't imagine I'd feel the same after cutting into my abdomen about leaving. That is my biggest C-section scare. I am officially 2 days "overdue". Thanks for all of your opinions. I really hope I go soon so that I won't have to be induced.


Jamie - June 17

I'm sorry, but for some reason, that last sentence of yours p__ses me off. You DON"T HAVE to be induced, you are CHOOSING to be induced because you are afraid. I HAD to be induced - I had no choice in the matter. You DO. Don't play the victim when you are making your own decisions.


Tanna - June 18

Why did you have no choice in the matter Jamie? You could have said no just as wasily as wnyone else. You were induced because both yours and your baby's health were in danger. It is possible if you go over your 40 weeks that you will need to be induced because you may have a very large baby, or your placenta is breaking down...putting both yours and your baby's health in danger. Same idea, different scenerio.


HannahBaby - June 18

ahhhhhh, I see Jaime is being her usual friendly, positive self. Trinity, I feel your pain about worrying about the baby being big (not personally, my daughter was 5lbs and i was induced at 37 weeks for preeclampsia) but my girlfriend was allowed to go 2 weeks over her due date, when she was induced she had the cervadil, then 18 hours of pitocin and only progressd to 2 cms. She ended up having a c-section because they baby was so high up and so big. Even in the section she had to have a nurse practically laying on top of her to push the baby down, and they had to use a vac_me to get him out. He was a wopping 22 inches long and weighed in at 10lbs!! The baby was big at her 38 weeks ultrasound and i was kinda mad that they let her go so far over her due date. I dont blame you for worrying about the baby getting too big. Its something that can turn into a huge issue in labor, also, the risk of still birth goes up everyday after your due date. Good luck and i hope you go into labor before your induction date, i know how much pitocin sucks.


Jamie - June 19

Hey, Trinity, I owe you an apology. As I said, your statment that you "have" to be induced p__sed me off, and I had to stop and think about why, and the truth is, I'm still bitter about my own labor/delivery experience, and the fact that I really did have to be induced - I guess I'm jealous because you have the chance to go into labor naturally, and I didn't get that. So, again, I'm sorry, and good luck.



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