Why Am I So Emotional

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Karen S - April 11

Im a reck, one minute I cant wait to have my son in my arms and then the next Im terrified and not sure if Im ready for all of this. (Like I have a choice):) Then everyone I know p___ses me off or is it just me? I hate being mean but some people just irritate me. Like my friend, not once has she asked how my pregnancy is going and I've only brought up my son a few times and she says thats all I talk about which seriously isn't true. I listen to her party stories and what guy she's sleeping with every phone conversation. I dont know if it's me or what but maybe I should just lock myself in a room and not talk to anyone until this pregnancy is over. Any advice? Or does anyone else have this kind of problem?


maxsmom - April 11

Karen- maybe you could find a group for moms to be and make friends that you have more in common with. This problem will only get worse after you have the baby. It would be nice to have some friends that you could make play dates with once the baby is born.


AML - April 11

Karen-- I feel ya! I have pretty much lost all of my friends when I became pregnant! Mostly they lost contact with me, like I fell off the earth or something! I have gotten a lot closer with some of my friends that are parents or are soon to be parents. Also, I have met other parents and soon to be parents, we seem to have a lot more in common! If she feels that you are talking about your son so much then maybe she isant a good friend! I mean, afterall, your son is the most important thing and she should know that.


Suzanne - April 11

I hear you - I cry at everything, about everything and I can't stop it or control it and it drives me crazy. I had a melt down at the doctors office today. I just sobbed and sobbed because he wouldnt give me my c-section RIGHT NOW. He just stared at me and finally I said I cant take this anymore! and he said your almost there and I just kept sobbing! It took pregnancy to bring this highly successful career woman to her KNEES. Try to be strong - it must be hormones.


ash2 - April 11

i know how your feeling. my sister actually told me that i was being the biggest b**CH and that i needed a pill. as far as emotional, i cry at any moment and ecspecially when i watch cmt, or tv.


AML - April 11

OMG! My Fiance has banned me from watching Animal Planet (like animal cops) and TLC (A baby Story and Bringing home baby!) I cry EVERYTIME I watch those channels! I just have to laugh at myself sometimes because I know im being crazy but then again I can't help it! I havent really been a B___h, just complaining and so emotional!



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