Why Are U So Impatient Just Let Baby Come Naturally

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krc - July 14

This is my personal vent. I keep reading all these posts about women who are getting induced because they're simply tired of being pregnant or they are a few days past their due date !!! Well whatever happened to letting nature take it's course. The baby is in the womb for a reason.....to finish growing ! So why stop that process because of your impatience. To think that some of you assume a due date is an exact date the baby should arrive is ignorant ! All babies grow differently and unless you know your exact date of conception or your LMP than there's no way you can pin point when that baby will come. And even if you do know either of those dates it still doesn't mean your little one is going to arrive exactly 40 weeks from that date. A due date is simply a means of helping you prepare for when the chances of baby coming are super duper high. If we can make it to our due date and little one still isn't here than you can wait atleast 2 more weeks !!!! I believe you should only induce if the placenta is no longer supporting the baby or there is a medical crisis. Otherwise ladies....chill out and be patient !!!!


Shae-lynn - July 14

Hi krc! I totally agree with you!!!! My due date is next Saturday but I'm totally fine with this baby waiting to come out when he/she is ready! My doc. only lets people go 10 days past their due date and I'm sure by then I'll be ready but before that I'm content to wait. I just don't understand people's rush either.


Bonnie - July 14

I agree with you, but remember how tough the end of pregnancy can be. Trying to vent to a woman in her 40th week is just asking for it, lol. Luckily I think MOST OB's are pretty good at gently dissuading the woman to wait. ;)


Mellissa - July 14

i agree that having your baby by induction simply because you don't want to be pregnant anymore is a little rediculous. i am considering induction right around 41 weeks though. not because i WANT to.. but because my hubby is deployed to iraq and unfortunately my "support system" has a very hectic schedule and i have to try to have some "plan" so i know i have a ride to the hospital, and a babysitter for my 2 year old. of course if my hubby was here i would go all the way to 42 weeks just like i did with my daughter. i''m surprised by how comfortable i am this pregnancy though... i was MISERABLE with my last...but i feel great right now at 39 weeks. :)


ARD - July 14

FYI, doctor's won't usually induce you until your cervix is favorable - which means you could go anytime anyway. Its not a matter of being impatient I don't think, its a matter (for me) wanting to feel better. I have had morning sickness come back this last week and I'm miserable....plus my husband operates trains (a freight conductor) for a local railway and I never know where he is or if he'll be able to make an unscheduled stop....if induced it will work out that he will be there when our child is born....and another thing....my doctor is also going out of town 2 days before my due date for a week or two and I just don't feel comfortable with just anyone delivering my child - I want it to be him if at all possible....so your post seemed a little insensitive because maybe you aren't affected by the things I've mentioned above, but many women are. I've read a lot of posts about women wanting to be induced....and well, if that's what they want, then if there doctor's don't see anything wrong with it, why not? I may be one of those but not because of impatience as you said. Don't get me wrong, I would love to go naturally but being induced isn't the worst thing in the world and gets our precious babies here all the same. There are pros and cons to every situation - being induced and going having labor come on naturally, but our doctors really aren't going to let us do something that will hurt us or the babies inside of us (at least I would hope not). I trust my doctor and if he says induction is a go, then I'm there! If not then I'll wait. Simple as that.


Aimes - July 14

Who really cares, though. If you don't want to be induced, then don't. They wouldn't offer induction if it were that bad. Do what's right for you, but everyone different.


Erynn21 - July 14

I agree too, I am not at the end, but geez being induced because you're tired of being pregnant is a little silly. I can understand wanting you body back, although you don't really get it back to yourself for a long time. I have been super comfortable with my pregnancy everyone tells me oh you just wait, well I'm at 33wks and I keep feeling good. I will admit I am ready to be done working, but I still have another month, I do have a rash under my felt b___st at the top of my stomach, but I don't see being induced just because you are sick of being pregnant as a reason. I understand there are situations that many ppl may have that makes it easier for them and their families, I personally will be patient, at least that's what I feel now. I actually am a little sad I won't be pregnant soon, I have felt really awesome and empowered, that I can grow a child, I do want to see her and that's the best part of not being pregnant anymore for me.


Catrina - July 14

Well the fact is, some women will never go into labor on their own. Any doctor will tell you that. And every pregnancy is different. Just because you feel the way you do doesn't mean that you have the right to judge someone else's decision. The end is hard and it's unfair of you to come on here and deliberately post something mean about women who are probably going through a lot or they wouldn't be so ready for it to be over. Pregnancy is hard enough without having other pregnant women pa__sing judgement when they don't even know the circ_mstances.


Kspa - July 14

Some people get induced because of a possibly large baby. My Dr likes to avoid c-sections. There has been an issue my whole pregnancy about the large size of my baby. Once the head is engaged, they are less worried. But, induction is not always an issue of convenience.


Tanya2 - July 14

I agree with you KRC, completely. Some people are even expecting their babies to arrive at 37 weeks just because they are full term, they forget that its between 37-42 weeks. Yes being pregnant at the end is tough, but hey whats a couple of days/weeks more, you've made it this far. Plus for those of you who this is a first baby, you better enjoy your sleep, no one stresses on that, you just wait when your baby comes, the first couple of weeks are exhausting. So enjoy the time you have whiles you have it. And Catrina, Krc did mention that unless it is medically necessary there is no need to be induced, and most docs will tell you when you need to be, especially if the baby started pooing in your womb, they will induce you, as long as it is medically neccessary ofcourse you have the right to be induced and to Melissa you have a valid and good reason too and atleast you are giving it 41 weeks.


ashley - July 14

who really cares?? A doctor would not put a baby at risk by suggesting or forcing an induction. That is just plain silly. Why does it bother you so much krc? Some times circ_mstance comes up and inducement is the best option. Do you know my mother-in-law went 4 weeks past her due date and her baby suffered a lot of post-term problems, because her body didn't do what it was suppose to. Mother nature did not take over. If it upsets you so I suggest this: Don't read the posts and don't be induced yourself. Let others worry about thier decisions.


ashley - July 14

oh and guess what I opted to be induced not because it was medically necessary either. Its because my husband is working 2 hours away from home in a very sketchy area that gets poor cell reception. I also live an hour away from the hospital and I live out in the country where i can't just walk to the neighbors to get a ride to the hospital. I understand fully that I could still go into labor on my own, but I like the odds of having a ride to the hospital and my husband being there for the birth of our son. This is not my first child so I don't expect an extremely long birth, plus my mother and hour long labors with her second and third. So I take personal offense to this post. Like I said before you are ent_tled to your opinion just as I am as well, but if it bothers you so, just don't comment or read other peoples posts and you do what you feel you need to do regarding your own baby. PS I am not 37 weeks either. I will be 39 weeks when my baby is born.


ARD - July 14

Thank you Ashley! You are exactly right. I get so fed up with people who come on here to condemn or judge others for decisions they make, i might add, about THEIR OWN BABIES! Its hilarious at times because this is suppose to be a support group, not a judgmental one. To tell me to "chill out and be patient"...when she doesn't even know the circ_mstances.... Her post bothered me too - but hey to each her own.


ARD - July 14

Actually, Ashley, I am almost in the same boat as you about wanting dh to be there for the birth of our child - because of his type of work. So induction has come up a few times with my doctor and if conditions look favorable on Monday when I go back for my appt., we will probably go ahead and set it up. I'll be almost 40 weeks by then.....and I really haven't read ANY posts from other women who just want to be induced to not be pregnant anymore....I've not heard it stated like that....maybe what they're saying is that there are underlying circ_mstances that render being induced a reasonable decision at this point....and again, like the you said, doctor's aren't going to force the issue if you're not ready. My doctor told me that up front. But anyway, Ashley are you to be induced this weekend - Sunday? I didn't know if that was your post on another thread about being induced then. If so good luck and let us know you're birth story!! :o)


isabel - July 14

i totally agree with Ashley. Being induced is not simply because you are tired of being pregnant but because you need it. No one has the right to judge a pregnant woman because she decides to be induced and you know why . Because nobody cares for her baby as much as she does. So don't even try to give these kind of lectures.


Kara H. - July 14

I had an u/s due to measuring 40 wks at 35ks. We found that the baby was huge, but more importantly, the baby's head was in the 90 percentile. Then I was taken down the hall for a pelvis x-ray that revealed that my pelvis is smaller than average. I was told that if a v____al birth was important to me, that I would need to be induced at 38wks if I had any chance of getting that baby out v____ally. Otherwise I would be facing a c-section when I went into labor natually. Personally I will be chosing the induction, since the risk with a c-section far out weight the risk of induction. I haven't met anyone who wants an induction just to not be pregnant anymore. There are always extending circ_mstances. There very well may be people out there who feel that way, I haven't met any.


krc - July 14

you women can huff and puff at me all you want. I did post my comment to condemn..it was my personal vent and if you surf around this forum there are tons of " vents " of many kinds. Everyone is ent_tled to their own opinion and this is a public forum. Im not going to keep my posts candy coated for all those women who get all mad and on the defense. I never singled out a womans reasons and judged her for it. I said for those who are tired of being pregnant !!! So like I said..take a chill pill !!!!



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