Why Are U So Impatient Just Let Baby Come Naturally

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krc - July 14

you women can huff and puff at me all you want. I did post my comment to condemn..it was my personal vent and if you surf around this forum there are tons of " vents " of many kinds. Everyone is ent_tled to their own opinion and this is a public forum. Im not going to keep my posts candy coated for all those women who get all mad and on the defense. I never singled out a womans reasons and judged her for it. I said for those who are tired of being pregnant !!! So like I said..take a chill pill !!!!


krc - July 14

typo.... i " didn't post to condemn "


ashley - July 14

krc-and I vented as well. no chill pill needed here as I am very calm. I just have seen you post to many peoples post to tell them to cut it out and let it happen. So i put my two cents in just as you did. So you take your chill pill and have a nice night.


momofalmost3 - July 15

I'm very anxious to have this baby. My due date is Monday. I'm more anxious because my last was 9.13 and since I'm trying for a vbac after 2 c sections they don't want my baby being too big. But my midwives will not induce until I'm 1 week overdue so I'm okay with that. And hey if it comes earlier yeah! I have tried all the natural stuff like s_x, walking, etc. Guess she's just not ready. I am taking EPO (evening Primrose Oil) which does wonders to soften cervex. Plus I bounce a lot on the birth ball and I squat in the hot tub and that has helped her come down. It is SO hard to wait. Ug


sweetsouthernbelle - July 15

okies...i agree with you 100% krc...its not a smart idea to rush nature..when the baby is through developing it'll show just be patient....how would you guys feel if your mom had just decided hey im tired of being pregnant just take it out...regardless of what happened to you?...ok then....put urself in ur childs shoes or lil wrinkly feet for that matter...and for you ladies who came on here and said something out of the way to krc if you'll go back and read the post that started this it says plain as day in clear text that this is her personal vent if you dont like what it says then just breathe and close the screen thats what that little red X up there is for....have a nice day ladies...Jess!!


Kara H. - July 15

My sister was induced and I don't think she has any deep seeded resentment. She seems to be well adjusted to life without any abandonment issues. She's 39 so I think any psychosis would have shown up by now. The whole purpose of a forum to post and share our ideas. If krc did not want women to post conflicted points of view she should have not have addressed her thread "Why are U so impatient..." . It should have said "I have an opinion I don't want anyone to challege" Maybe krc is stuggling with her own feelings on chosing not to induce and therefore "projecting" her own doubts and insecurities on others. Nobody enters into any decision making process regarding their baby lightly. We should try to be more supportive of each others decisions, even if they aren't what we would choose for ourselves.


Steph - July 15

Ahh Kara H, well said! Hee hee!! I was not induced with my first, but with my son, whom I had 11 days ago, I was induced 10 days early due to him measuring large. He was born at 8lbs 7oz and if I would have gone to my due date, I would have had to have a c-section. My doctor, who likes to alleviate any unnecessary surgical procedures, decided to induce me based on his medical knowledge, not his personal vent.


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 15

So krc, now that you have ruffled alot of feathers in the hen house, when are you due? i would love to see you at 40 weeks in the dead of the Florida sun with HBP with hands legs and feet that look like hot dogs ready to burst in the microwave. Tell ya what , Id be glad to take a chill pill, when you learn what the purpose of these forums are. Some of us need the support or place to vent. If you dont like us here, then find a new place to post. We dont pa__s judgment on other moms here. if you dont have anything nice to say, then say nothing at all!!!!!!!!!!


K8 - July 15

cheers to Ard ,Catrina,and Steph-in-st-pete! the so called VENTS i have read dont make women feel bad about choices they have evrey right to make considering its their bady and their child. I dont want to get induced but i support all those women who choose to or need to for one reason or another.


K8 - July 15

ha ha i'm whacked - i meant EVERY and BODY not bady


starr - July 15

Of course everyone has that right to make that decision about their body and their baby.I don't look down on anyone who chooses to be induced just because they're tired of being pregnant.That does not include medically necessary reasons or other reasons beyond our control.My baby girl is 4 wks and at my drs office they automatically schedule you for induction at 40 wks whether it's necesasry or not! I had a serious problem with that so I let it be known to my dr.Yes, she made me feel guilty for not wanting to be induced,but there was no reason.Me and baby were perfectly healthy.I still have not found out why they do this.She claims due to possible problems that may incur if you go over 40 wks.ex:low fluid,big baby,etc.I did not buy into that even though I was miserable at the end of my preg.I let them know I was not at all in favor of being induced for no reason.Heaven was born one day before her due date(no induction) and was /is perfectly healthy.So I guess you just have to weigh the pros and cons of being induced without a medical reason.Either way,it's your choice.Good Luck.


sophandbob - July 15

my point of view on this is emotionally linked. I had bad problems at the start of my pregnancy which has left me convinced I am going to lose the baby - it is a long and complicated story and not as simple to dismiss as some people might think - I'm having councelling as it has turned into a form of antenatal depression. The latest stage it has taken is for me to want to have the baby as soon as it is full term, which it technically is at 38 weeks. My fear is that the placenta will stop working and will starve the baby. My theory being that if it happens inside me, then the baby doesn't stand a chance, but if he stops breathing when he's born something can be done. I know it sounds totally irrationally - I do do manage to logically place this with the fact that early birth is not good for baby either. I guess this is why I'm having councelling! I know this may sound like I am totally barking, but the long story (which I won't bore you with) explains it.


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 15

Sophanbob, its ok, we all feel that way, although your getting counseling dont feel your different any different than the rest of us. we all have those same fears. it is a form of over protection. Hell I allready dont want anyone holding my baby when she is first born, family or not. it may be irrational, but I just dont. I think it has to do with my cousin who just had a baby. his mom has things from the shower that she wont give to them, and when at the hospital they kept pa__sing the baby around, and it kept crying and they kept shushing it. My mom said " hey, the baby wants his momma" they ignored her so my mom said I didnt get to hold him yet and took him straight to his momma. I know thats where this stems from for me. Sorry, rambeling! Anyway, If I almost lost my baby early on, Id be asking my Dr to induce asap as well. We all have fears and its ok.


ITSABOY - July 15

Krc everyone has their on opinion and this and my personal one is pregnancy is diffrent for everyone women.So women have problems to where they need to be induced early,and some women have very hard pregnancys to where they feel they cannot do it anymore it is not easy being pregnant!Some women love to be pregnant i take it you are one of those women but i am not if they offer to induce me and i am atleast 38 weeks i will do it i a second.Its not that we are inpatient just very uncomfortable and my baby is very large krc i dont want to just wait on him to get here say i am 42 weeks and he still has not came i dont want a 15 pound baby baby so doctors dont induce unless baby will be healthy!


ARD - July 15

And again, I really think it was the "words chosen" in your post krc that kind of hit a nerve. There's a way to express your opinion without offending others. And sweetsouthernbelle....i don't know of ANY mothers-to-be on this forum that I've posted with that have said "I want to be induced REGARDLESS of how it will affect my child!" That's just crazy!! None of us would do that, and most importantly, AS STATED BY ME AND SEVERAL OTHERS, our doctor's would not allow induction to take place if it was going to put the mother OR baby in harms way. Yes, krc's post said its her personal vent, within the post, but how can you NOT click on it when the t_tle of the questions is "why are U so impatient"...that addresses all of US!!! It should have been addressed to those women that krc evidentally claims wants their babies out because they "just don't want to be pregnant anymore." Then she probably wouldn't have had so many other opposing/opinionated posts.


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 15

Couldnt have said it better myself ARD!



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