Why Do People Tell Stupid Horror Stories

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Tye - May 22

I was at Toy's "R" Us on the weekend and the lady whoes checking us out tells me good luck "I hope everything goes well because my neighbor had a yough time - her baby was too big to fit through and so it got stuck and they tried to brake the shoulder to get it out. They didn't have to but now the baby has recieved theropy and now seems to be recovering. I mean what the h__l is the point of telling me a story like that! The worst paRT IS WAS THAT i KNEW IT WAS COMING BEFORE SHE EVEN SAID ANYTHING. ( Sorry I pushed caps lock.) and I just politely tried to keep walking but felt like I had to let her finish because she wouldn't stop talking. Why do people do this. How stupid is that! Here I am 3 days past my due date and this is all I need. I wonder where people's heads are when they do this stupid stuff. And I get so frustrated when you try to be polite and people still do somthing stupid like that. I should have just cut her off. Anyone else know what I'm talking about. Sorry just needed to loet that out! Also sorry if I haven't answered some people back-my computer has been down for quite a few days.


pbj - May 22

When I was pregnant, my best friend who is a nurse in the high risk pregnancy ward would tell me horrible stories. She was also pregnant at the same time w/ her third, it was my first...it used to freak me out. l couldn't sleep and of course would have nightmares sometimes when I did. I know she didn't mean any harm, I'm sure she was just as scared watching some of these women, but that lady was out of line. Some people are so stupid.


Jenn2 - May 22

Tye- I totally know what you are saying!! I hate it when people do that. ALL women have different experiences with childbirth, and it does absolutely NO GOOD to try to scare other women. I have heard so many Wonderful childbrith stories from friends/family that It has really helped me allot. Just dont focus on the negative b/c that is not always the case. I think everyone knows that complications can come up, but it is not always true. Just know that there are just as many women out there who have had uncomplicated deliveries as there are those who have had complicated ones. I'm sure that everything will turn out fine.


Tye - May 22

Pbj- I'm sure you are right. Your friend(being pregnant herself and all) probebly just needed to vent with someone what she saw on a daily basis and I'm sure you were only meant to be a sounding board and she probebly wasn't thinking on how to effected you. But it's like you said- this stupid lady had no reason to unload a horrible story about her neighbor in pa__sing to me at a toy store. I mean- there is absolutely no reasonable explanation to do something like that other than stupidity! Jenn2- I'm sure you are right that everything will be fine-it's just that stuff like that gets into your subconcious and my first pregnancy was very scary. I had triplets at 28 wks and 5 days and they where in the NICU for 2-3 months. It was some of the worst times of my life when they weren't home. The last thing I want to hear right now is about things that can go wrong. because if nothing else- it makes me think back to the first time when things did not go as smoothly. My children are all fine and healthy now- but it still is hard to think back to when they had to struggle so and all they had to overcome at such an early age. I just want to be able to enjoy the fact that things will be different this time - and god-willing-I get to enjoy a routine birth!


MelG - May 22

I think some people actually do it just to be mean. From the time my MIL found out I was pregnant, she had nothing but bad stories to tell me. She had a very rough time with my husband's delivery. She was Rh negative and didn't take the medication for it so my husband was very sickly when he was born. Not only that, her water broke at 7 months and she had to be hospitalized for a month and a half when he was born. Then the cord was wrapped around his neck as well. He had jaundice and was very sick and she couldn't even see him for a month. Then she proceeds to tell me how she had problems for years after the delivery and had to have numerous surgeries. When I told her that everyone in my family had relatively easy deliveries, she didn't want to hear of it. She kept going on and on with her horror stories. BTW, my husbandis fine today. You could never tell that he had such problems as a baby. I really don't know what she was trying to accomplish by telling me those things except for to be mean. No one in my family has said anything but positive stuff.


Been There - May 22

MelG, I'm not justifying your MIL's actions, but maybe she thought she was sharing something special with you. I don't know if she's always mean or this was just her opportunity to feel closer to you. Oddly enough, she may feel that by telling you how your husband arrived, you'll somehow feel connected. However, I do agree with everyone. People can be morbid, almost like they enjoy telling you about what went wrong. I think it's horrible to tell those stories to a pregnant woman. It's almost like saying, "Congratulations! But look what might happen to you..." and proceeding a road of doom.


starr - May 22

I just ignore that kind of stuff. What do they hope to accomplish by telling a story like that.My family is into old wives tales and I have always heard that you are not supposed to ever say anything like that to a pregnant woman because it causes bad thoughts among other things that I won't mention because we're all having HAPPY thoughts here.So when people say stuff like that I won't even respond.Good Luck to all.Only 4 more wks to go :)


Bonnie - May 22

I don't get it either. People had me absolutely petrified to go into labor. So much so that I did not want my pregnancy to end. Usually people in the 3rd trimester are desperate to get the baby out...not me! lol.....Ya know what? I had the BEST labor. Excellent doctors and nurses, hardly any pain at all. I cried when I left the hospital because I knew I wouldn't see my nurse again, lol. Then I cried the whole first week because it was over and I enjoyed the whole thing. I would do it again in a heartbeat and I am always quick to tell that to anyone pregnant. Not all labors are bad. :)


3babies - May 22

This happened to me the other night. I have two boys and dont know what I am having this time which got everyone chatting around the table. Then this girl starts this story about her friend who had two girls, but then her son was stillborn, and she got pregnant again but had another girl and she's just trying to replace the boy etc ..... on and on!!! One of the other girls at the table was really nice and kept trying to cut her off, but she was not going to stop and went into all the details. There was another pregnant girl there, and can you believe the girl telling the story only had her baby 4 months ago?


MelG - May 23

BeenThere - I wish that I could chalk it up to her wanting to get closer to me. Unfortunately, you may not have seen my thread on what she gave me for my baby shower presents (stained and used clothes from Goodwill and some items that were not even for kids but for dogs). I've no doubt that she was trying to be mean about the whole thing. The stories didn't stop at just her problems, but she had plenty of stories about babies dying, babies getting hurt, etc. On and on. I think it was to try and take away from my happiness and bring me down to her level of miserableness.


AppleCake - May 23

Please girls if anyone starts saying things like this to you for goodness sake IGNORE IT! Hypnobirth have a good line on this one- they make badges saying "no horror stories please- my baby is listening". I heard another hypnotherapist telling a lady to repeat the negative comments in her head, but in a silly voice- so if she remembered them during labour she would think they were funny and ridiculous. Fear is thought to be linked to tension and therefore pain in labour. I know it is hard but get these comments out of your heads and stay positive!


Been There - May 23

OMG, MelG! You are right. What a mean woman your MIL is. That's so... I can't even find the right words. How can she give you things for her own grandchild that are that trifling? I apologize for even trying to look for some glimmer of hope in her story telling of your husband's birth. So sorry.


Roary - May 23

Melg- my Fiancees mother told me a similar horror story about his birth--cord wrapped around his neck, nonresponsive, etc. She also went on and on about how big his and my heads are and how I will need to be in the hospital in case the baby's head gets stuck and it dies!!! Which just IS NOT going to happen. I guess there are more women like her out there then I had hoped...


Roary - May 23

..not that I am planning a home birth!!!



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