Why Does Baby S Take So Long To Come Out

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natural - May 5

I want my baby NOW. i just can't take it anymore. Why can't it be eight months instead of nine, or even seven. I know I sound selfish but I really want him to come out now. i'm ready to meet the person that beats me up and has hiccups everyday.


Kymmi - May 5

Well, natural,,,, when you stop and REALLY think about it the 9-10 months that you are pregnant may seem like forever, but just think that a whole new little life is being formed!! It takes times to develop major organs enough that they can function properly. So although the time seems like forever and gets very uncomfortable,,,,,,, just remember what the baby has to do before entering the world. Don't rush it!!!


PP - May 5

I'm with you natural I want the baby here now. I am tired of being pregnant and I want to have the baby here to meet and get to know. But at least we aren't elephants because their gestation is like 2 years.


C - May 5

Relax! Once the baby is out - you can't put it back in!! Enjoy your time pregnant and with the baby inside, I missed the baby being inside once it was born...and remember, your creating a life and babies have their own little schedules:) Good luck and congrats!!


Amara - May 13

When I am down about the length of time it takes... I just look at the discovery channel, and watch those animals that takes... 20+ months... at least it's not that bad... :oP


monica - May 13

I agree with Natural. I want to meet my baby soon... not in 2 1/2 months. I am sick of feeling like a ball and not being able to do all the activities I want to .


Sharon - May 18

I agree with C enjoy the time being pregnant, I love being pregnant and don't know why alot of people are in such a hurry to rush their babies out, everyone seems so impatient and don't appreciate sucj a wonderful thing that is happening to their bodies. I will miss the baby being inside me once it is born but also look forward to seeing my baby.



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