Why Haven T I Dropped

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Bailey2786 - January 13

just wondering I am 36 weeks and I haven't droped.. I know he is head down from my ultra sound that I do last week.. but I still feel like Iam carrying h im high.. I dunno.. just wondering if that means i will prob go over my due date? or do ppl sometimes drop like right before labour? AH. I dunno... (this is my first!)


baby020607 - January 13

Some babies don't drop until you are actually in labor. So, it's another one of those imperfect indicators of your body readying to have baby, as not every baby follows the standards. I am almost 37 weeks with my first and he hasn't dropped yet either. Good luck on your delivery!


Bailey2786 - January 13

thanks! I guess its a little disapointing for me, b/c it seems like its never going to end..


MB - January 13

Hi, this is my second and he hasnt dropped yet,I am 35 weeks, he is head down and doc said he feels like he is engaged but wont commit to it until he does a internal next week, however he is still high up, i still cant breathe and he constantly has his feet & bottom rammed in my rib cage. Apparently its common with some babies to engage whilst your in labour, dont worry.


DB - January 13

I'm in the same boat except I'm 38 weeks. So aggravating. I feel like this will never end either.


lenae - January 13

Neither of my boys dropped before labor started and the second pretty much refused even though I went into labor on my own with him, had to have pitocin to help progress. A few hours later and he's still trying his best to stay high but he came out eventually and will be a year old on Monday. My daughter hasn't dropped yet either and I will be 39 weeks tuesday, so I guess it depends on the baby and mother. GL and congrats on your lo!


Alison - January 13

Hi Bailey I was never aware of my DD dropping when I was pregnant and was convinced she would be late and my waters broke and she was born a week early! So I don't know if she dropped and I didn't notice, or if she didn't drop until my waters broke! She is my first too, so try not to worry it doesn't mean you will be late :-)


Hermans Mom - January 15

Baby can drop as you are in labour. Especially if this is not your first pregnancy. Or baby can drop and it could still be days/weeks til labour. The second scenario was my situation with my first. My baby this time dropped over the weekend and also had a growth spurt. I am due Jan 31.


Lala - January 15

You can just ask your doctor what "station" the baby is at when he does an exam. This will tell you how far "dropped" the baby is. Take care!


missycc4 - January 17

I'm 34 weeks and I'm caring my baby girl low. I had a case of really bad heart burn and now pretty much gone. my Dr even said I've dropped. This is my 4th child. due March 17th due to ultrasound.



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