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alirenee86 - September 25

Maybe this sounds like a silly question, but why does everyone seem to want or be excited that they will be induced?? Isn't that going against what's supposed to happen? My concern is, I have so much to do and get prepared for still (I'm 34 weeks), that I wouldn't have time to get it done before the baby is born or if the baby is born early!! I certainly don't want to be overdue by a lot or at all, but can't understand why so many seem to want to make it happen so early?? What am I missing??


nicdel - September 25

for me personally i am being induced as this is my first full term baby after 3 losses and i'm 38 weeks 4 days and being induced tomorrow and my baby already weighs 10lb 4oz they could be off a 1lb either way. they have concerns of the shoulders getting stuck behind my pelvis so they are starting me off and if i do not progress within a few hours i will be having a c section.


r1209 - September 25

I'm 39 weeks 1 day, and I certainly didn't want him to come early because I wanted a big and healthy baby boy, but now being so close to my due date I just REALLY do not want to go over. Some people have to be induced for medical reasons, my doctor will not hold me to 42 weeks because I have had high blood pressure and traces of protein in my urine. So he prefers to induce me a couple of days after my due date. I think the sooner he gets here (once he's ready of course) the better.


DeeD - September 25

For me, my first baby was 40 weeks and he ended up in the NICU for a weeks. Second baby they induced at 39 weeks, she had oxygen issues. My third was induced at 38 weeks and had not issues at all. I have a placenta issue that breaks down too early. The longest I can carry a healthy baby is 38 weeks-not a day longer...just know, that for the most part if someone is boing induced-it is not for "pleasure" purposes, it is for serious medical reasons.


alirenee86 - September 25

Well, all that makes perfect sense. I wish all of you the best of luck..OMG, nicdel, BEST of luck to you as well as that is a huge baby it seems. I would want to most definately be induced at that point as well. I hope you do not need a c-section.


nicdel - September 25

thanks i'm hoping i can do it naturally, i'm going to give it my best shot, my sister's youngest baby was nearly 11lb which she had naturally and she is even more pet_te than me fingers crossed xx


WP - September 25

There are as many different reasons for wanting to be induced as there are women who want to be induced. Aside from having to be induced for medical reasons, when you get to 38 weeks+ I don't think there are many women who love being pregnant. You are huge, uncomfortable, sleepless (sometimes), and most importantly, ready to get on with this ma__sive change in life. You reach an invalid-like status and that can be extremely frustrating to some. Personally, I don't like being out of breath walking up stairs, unable to tie my shoes or asking my partner for help getting up from bed. I've got so much to do right now renovating my house and doing contract work, but I barely have enough energy to make it until 9:00 at night! Wait for another 5 weeks, alirenee86, and you may see induction in a whole new light.


Pipa - September 25

i can only speak for myself. I am being induced b/w 39 and 40 wks b/c of gestational diabetes and I am not happy about it. Inducing with petocin means cruel contractions, less freedom to move (have to be monitored) and more likely to experience a c-section. I would much rather let things happen on their own but it's all about my baby being okay! I guess we'll see how it goes but just so you know, not everyone is happy to be induced! The only thing good about this is that we'll know the date and my Mom can make it up in plenty of time.


diem - September 25

I have a question about induction. Is your labor time about the same? Or does it speed things up? If you are induced on Saturday can you still possibly give birth on Sunday? I always a__sumed that the labor can be just as long.


Tink - September 25

i have protein in my urine too and she fears it might be a big baby, so there is a possibility for induction for me too, which i am actually okay with, it works out that i get 3 more weeks off work if he comes early (due to how our company shuts down for the holiday). i am due nov 6, so 34w now. i am already so miserable, i can't imagine how much worse i am going to feel near the end, so i know i will be ready. while i would love for nature to take its course, i know emotionally and physically, i'll be so ready to just be done. i've had a rough pregnancy with every side effect in the book, although no major complications thankfully. just all the fun stuff to make it miserable. so induction doesn't sound awful to me. i am realistic and goign in with a totally open mind. after TTC for so long, i am just going to be thrilled to have the baby and ensure he is healthy, i don't care what steps we need to take, as long as he is healthy. i think having an open att_tude will go a long way hopefully. as for induction- i am a first time mom, and i can say i have read the gammet of everything......i would say about 50% of the women i have read stories on (other forums included) have a great experience and 50% aren't thrilled with their experience. i have read it can make contractions harder and right on top of each other, but it can also mean a quicker labor, but maybe more intense. however, that isn't always the case. many of my friends stalled out and had to have c-sections, but each one of them told me they actually loved their c-section experience and will do it again. i've also heard horror stories about some inductions, but then i've heard very positive stories too. so you take it all with a grain of salt and i know my experience will be totally unique and different and i can't really plan or compare it to anyone else's i have read about. i'll just be prepared for anything and take it from there.


sezbi - September 25

Being induced due to medical reasons is one thing. Being induced because you're uncomfortable is utter ridiculousness. I have 2 girls so I get the wanting it to be over, believe me I do. But, unfortunately, not being able to tie you shoes, walk up stairs without being breathless or being unable to get out of bed are all aprt and parcel of having babies.


diem - September 26

For the mommies here that have been induced. Was your labor shorter than the norm? Or was it still drawn out and slow?


DeeD - September 26

Hey Diem...for me, most have been pretty short labors except for my last one. Baby was breech the entire time...she went into distress at 37 weeks so they did a version and turned her for me. But the problem was my cervix was not thinned, dialated or anything. So with my 6th labor it was 12 hours...my shortest was 4 hours.


WP - September 26

I'm up in Canada, so inductions only happen when a doc orders them, but can you request one in the US?


WP - September 26

Yes-yes sezbi (sigh), this is my second so I'm aware of what "having babies" is all about. But if you recall, it gets a little stale towards the end, and as I'm almost 39 weeks, I'm a bit irritable and I guess there's a little part of me that wishes I could be induced. I've had a great pregnancy and been able to remain really active throughout. I suppose I'm having some frustration letting go of that activity level as the time approaches and I have to slow down.


claire83 - September 26

ive had three babies on number four now so far they were all two weeks later but the last one i was induced for which i was really nervous but excited aswell but this time if i go over they are not inducing as i didnt like it and have stated early on im not going to have it



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