WHY Is It Easier To Gain Weight During Pregnancy

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MommyMeg07 - February 7

I know, may seem like a silly question.... but I'm interested. I've gained almost exactly 30 pounds and I'm 39 weeks. Thing is, I haven't changed my eating habits very much - I mean I eat a little more, b/c you're supposed to. I gained most of my weight at the beginning - only from those few extra calories I was eating. What is it that packs on the pounds more easily when your pregnant? Does your body just know that it needs to hold onto more fat or what?? I hope someone knows, I'm very interested! I've always just been really normal about gaining weight - if I start pigging out, I gain it gradually, and if I eat less and work out I lose it slowly - what is it that changes?


singlem0m - February 7

I'm no doctor but I've heard that something in your brain is triggered that releases a chemical to your body sending the message that you are pregnant. This, in turn, causes your body to store fat. Its something women's bodies do to protect the baby in case you would suddenly not have access to food. Your body would then use the fat stores to supply the baby. It dates back to "caveman" times where food wasn't always readily available. At least this is what I have read :)


Lala - February 7

ummm. . .at least 25 pounds of your weight gain is not fat at all! You have to remeber that there is a baby within you that is literally growing every day, a heavy placenta and amniotic fluid, and an increase in your blood volume of 40% (that weighs alot!). That all adds up to at least 25 pounds. What makes you think pregnancy weight is fat?


DB - February 7

Just thought I'd add that I delivered exactly 1 week ago and I've lost 24 pounds already...obviously 7 of those were baby, but I think the fluid we retain really adds up especially towards the end. I am still a little puffy in the hands and feet, but I think the last 15 pounds I have to lose are fat that my body has stored, but since I'm b___stfeeding I think these will get used up pretty quickly. The body is amazing!!


Lala - February 7

I left the hospital weighing less than when I got pregnant!! Take care all!


Tammy276 - February 7

as lala said, your weight gain isn't all fat, although some of it may be if you go over the recommended weight gain for pregnancy......Take into consideration, your b___sts grow, blood volume increases, amniotic fluid, placenta, uterus growth and most of all, baby!!!...not to mention water retention that may occur....you may gain a few extra pounds in the fat department, but not all that much.


sbyrd - February 8

lala That must be great! I was just wonderin, how much weight did you gain during your pregnancy?


Lala - February 8

Well, first I lost about ten pounds, then I eventuaaly gained about 16 poumds, putting me at only 6 pounds+ for the pregnancy. I delivered a 8-1 pound baby, so I weighed less when leaving the hospital than when I got pregnant! The first 2 weeks home I lost another 10 puonds--so now I weigh less than I have in a long time (baby likes to nurse LOL). PREGNANCY IS WONDERFUL--ENJOY IT!!!


MommyMeg07 - February 8

Woo-hoo! That is fantastic news!! That means I only gained 5 pounds of fat (or at least that's what I'm going to keep telling myself). Thanks for all your input ladies, that's exactly what I wanted to hear!


Jenny - February 8

I know why my body gains the extra fat, I have to eat something sweet everyday or I am just not happy!! I would never do this if I were'nt pg. I figure that since I have lost the weight once, I will lose it again this time. LALA , just curious, did you have a girl? My friends sister did that exact same thing with both her baby girls. She had ms really bad almost her whole pgs and only gained 11lbs with her first and 16 with the second.


redhead125 - February 8

Don't forget there's much more to your pregnancy weight gain than fat stores. Fluids are a major part of that--amniotic fluid and blood volume add a lot. Also, your b___sts gain weight and your placenta will weigh about 1.5 pounds by term. It is hard to watch that scale continue to go up, but rest a__sured that it will come off. In the meantime, take care of yourself and embrace your growing body!


Sonrisa - February 8

Not everyone gains that little weight and ends up with a 8lb baby. Lala is exceptional. I have gained 30lbs at 32 weeks and the doctors said that I was doing really well with my weight. I have a shorter torso so I think I needed to gain a little more to carry the baby better. It seems that my taller friends have gained less. I am not concerned because two of my friends both gained 38lbs and 6 mths later look better than before. Most of the weight on me is all belly. My wrist are still thin as is my face. I do have a huge belly and everyone keeps asking if I am having twins.


Lala - February 8

Actually, Jenny, I had a boy; and had zero morning sickness! I had a good to large appet_tie most of the pregnancy.----sonrisa, I was overweight some to begin with (I am now 165 and 5' 7"), so most docs don't want you to gain too much, as long as the baby is growing well. He is a good eater. He nurses alot. I guess he's like his mommy--he likes food LOL! Nursing really helps with loosing the weight! Take care all!


Selena - February 10

Jenny, I know you asked LaLa but I also did the same with my first pregnancy and I did have a girl.In the beginning I lost 16lbs and the only gained back 14. I had terrible nausea that lasted 7 months!! When I left the hospital I was considerably thinner than before I got pregnant. I am now 36 wks with aboy and have only gained 13lbs this pregnancy.



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