Why Isnt She Moving Alot Now

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Dawn - March 8

im now 30 wks prego, she has been moving around for a while (not really sure exactly how long) but it seems the last week shes not moving as much .. then the last 2 days i barley feel her move at all, i worry that shes died or something and i dont know or something is wrong , but i have felt her maybe like a couple times so that reasures me shes prob. okay in there.. is it normal or could something be wrong as 2 why she isnt moving hardley


woohooo - March 8

best way to get rea__sured is to call your doctor & have an ultrasound done. mine doesn't move around much sometimes...when that happens I poke around on my stomach, she starts reacting to my finger poking after a couple of minutes. sometimes, i cant feel her moving at all, unless I have my hands RESTING on my stomach at a random time


^lucy^ - March 8

OMG dawn dont let those thoughts get into ur mind!! its normal to worry but be sure ur baby is healthy and everything is fine honey.. im 29 weeks today, 2 days ago i freaked out when i remembered that i haven't felt my baby girl move since the morning (it was 12 pm that time) so i went crazy and drank all the water i could and ate a piece of sweets and then she started to move again.. i guess she was sleeping and i woke her up with all the water that went over her *lol*.. i read once that babies in the 3rd trimester have growing times and they just stay still during their growth moments.. then they start moving all over again.. u can see ur dr and have an u/s if ur very worried and cant stop worrying, they're there to help us.. good luck


Dawn - March 8

Thanks lol, i think i am just a worry wart and am Always thinking the worst (for some reason) shew she just needs to hurry up and come out so i can SEE that shes okay i guess?


Karen - March 8

Dawn - I know what you mean..and its quite normal to wonder. I found my baby the least active around weeks 30 - 32 - I'm now into my 35th week. There would hours that would go by and movement was scarce. Now baby is quite active and for longer periods of time. I've read about the growth spurts and how that might impact on level of activity. If you are ever concerned and find yourself wondering more often than not "when did baby last move" - don't hesitate to contact your doctor or seek medical advice. Our hospital - and I work with a midwife is really open to having women come in for a__sessments...night or day. There's nothing that can be done after the fact - so put your mind at ease when you feel its warranted. Take care...you are likely fine as is baby :o)


Kelly for KAREN - March 8

Hi Karen, wandering, I'm also in my 35th week, well ok I'm rounding up, I'm 34w3d....I've noticed CRAZY JOLTS of movement, like from the right to the left of my belly...like a punching back...not very graceful. Wandering if you get the same on occasion....I'm sure the motor skills aren't gracefull, but sometimes I get concerned that they are pretty WILD!!


Karen to Kelly - March 8

Yes I have some wild crazy movements at times now...sometimes I'm not expecting them and boom...its like I got a couple of kids inside horsing around! Its like all the legs and arms are going. I'd hate to use the word violent - but it gets pretty intense...but you'll never see me complaining about movement! Haha. What's interesting too is before I was never awaken from sleep with babe's movements and now..little one loves to wake me up in the morning.


Tess - March 8

Don't worry to much...it could affect your baby's health. Call your practioner if you havent felt your baby move in a day or so. Did you try drinking OJ and laying down on your side? Most nurses would tell you to do that first...not unless you have a history of something that might affect your baby's movement. Im almost 30 wks pg this friday and my little one is super hyper inside me....Best of luck!



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