Why So Much Blood With BM

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meg - May 6

First of all, sorry if this has TMI! I'm currently 33 weeks & for the past few days whenever I have a bowel movement there is a fairly decent amount of bokkd along with it. Enough so that when I wipe blood fills the toilet paper, & I normally get a bit on my underware as well. Blood also drips into the toilet. I called my OB's office today, just to check on it, & the nurse left me a message saying that it was probably a bad hernia. Anyone know anything about this?? I don't have any pain, & it's not like I'm straining too terribly hard, & it's only bleeding w/ a BM. The nurse didn't sound concerned, but did say to feel free to come in. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this??? Thanks.


meg - May 6

Sorry, that bokkd, should say blood!! (i wasn't even close!!)


softbreeze200 - May 6

Meg I have heard that it can be caused by ruptured hemoroids, but I would go on in and have t checked out just to be on the safe side. Better to know what is causing it than to sit and worry about it. I am sure it is nothing major. We have soo much more blood flowing, especially in that regions that it could be from numerous things. Let us know what they say. :)


stefkay - May 6

do you have pain in the a___l area? Like are you sure it is coming from there and not your v____a? I'd be concerned about any blood at all and that sounds like a lot. Maybe go to your doctor just to be safe because that sounds like something to be concerned about...


cors1wfe - May 6

Meg - it could also just be an internal hemorrhoid which can be painless...sometimes - just make sure that you mention it to your doctor on your next visit - if the blood is only when you poop then it's safe to say that it's from your backside not your v____a....I had awful internal external hemorrhoids with my first pregnancy and that is about the amount of blood I would encounter with each BM so I'd say you are probably ok but if you are super concerned either go to your doctor's office or to labor and delivery....


meg - May 6

Hemoroids, that's what I meant to say, not hernia, thanks softbreeze! Stefkay, I have absolutely no pain in the a___l area at all, & I'm 99% sure that's where the blood is coming from. Since this has been happening I try to wipe the two areas separately, just to make sure. From what I can tell, there is no blood around the v____a, it's all coming from the back. I did not have this at all w/ my 1st lo, & I have mentioned it to my doc in the past, but before it was much smaller amounts of blood, & again only with a BM & when straining (sorry TMI!) so it didn't really bother me much at all. Now, like you said stefkay, I'm fairly concerned about the amount of blood. If it happens again, before my next appt., then I'll definitely go in just to have them check it out. Thanks!


stefkay - May 7

It sounds like what cors said makes total sense. I just freak at the mention of blood during any toilet trip, lol...that is mainly due to my past experiences and has nothing at all to do with what is "normal", ha ha :) Take care and I hope it resolves itself soon!



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