Why We Love The Holidays

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tish212 - November 12

ok I know this thread goes all over and not everyone here is from the states...but please feel free to share ur holiday experience! I love thanksgiving for the food...and family...my mom makes EVERYTHING all my favorite....mashed potatoes, collard greens, butternut squash, stuffing ect! my hubbys mom though she only makes a few foods... she makes like 20 different pies chocolate meringe lemon apple cherry ect.... her house is always full of family...and its great. last year I really didn't look forward to xmas...b/c I'm an adult if I want something I can buy it...and I am not big on getting...(seriously I'd rather give) but this year EVERYTHING changes now I'm going to have a baby...I get to prepare xmas decorations...and buy my lo all the presents they want...and watch their face light up every xmas morning...and since I'm due in dec it makes it all more important! I love giving people gifts...and watching them get excited and now I get a lo to do that with! let us know what ur excited about holiday or otherwise!


star_eyes - November 12

I agree with you Tish. A LO will definitely make the holidays that much more special. I can't wait to start my own traditions with our LO. I can't wait to decorate the house with her and make cookies, and count down the days till "Santa" arrives! Not to mention cooking all of the great food. Unfortunately my parents live out of state and my inlaws aren't big on family holidays and will do anything to avoid everyone else so having a little family of our own means that we get to actually have a real family holiday whether anyone else chooses to be part of it or not!


Karen_Fletcher - November 12

can I come to your house tish and eat all the food with you lol!!! when is thanksgiving? I am looking forward to xmas though.... Jacob is at the age where he will enjoy the unwrapping of pressies... though this year I will probably be tryin to get down to pre pregnancy size so not much scoffing for me lol!!!! Last year Jacob wore a little father christmas outfit.... he was gorgeous.... dont know if this little one will fit into it.


tish212 - November 12

thanksgiving is nov 21st I believe..the 3rd thursday of november. the only downside that I have this year is since my lo is so big...I barely have any room for food in my stomach I get full very quickly now.... but even a bite of each will make me happy! my lo prolly won't be born till after xmas...but even so I plan on buying presents! yay!


DaBonkElsMe - November 12

I can't wait for thanksgiving either. Family is coming to our house, but they are doing all the cooking except the turkey! So i don't have to go anywhere or do much!! YAY!! Plus my DH is awesome, he's gonna get the turkey and bake it, which is easy anyway, but everyon'e looking out for me this year! I agree with tish though on the not fitting much in my stomach problem. I plan on starting early, and eating small throughout the day! And then soon after my LO will be here! YAY again!! BTW 3rd Thursday this year is the 22nd. And it's one week from this Thursday!!


tish212 - November 12

yipes! ur right lol it is the 22nd I have no clue where I got the 21st from hehehe...and phew it is really close isn't it? but that's great though cuz right after I'm gonna start xmas decorating! which I love doing! and this is my first xmas in our new house...so all new outdoor lighting! yay...(course hubbys not looking forward to hanging the decorations heeheehee) I'm so excited that time is flying by!


LinLaceie - November 12

This year will be even more special for me and my family. Zayne is home now, and T-day is his first holiday at home. he spent Halloween in the hospital, and T-day is the day I get to show him off to the rest of the family, I am excited. I don't like getting presents either, I love to just go out and buy someone something for no reason at all to let them know I'm thinking of them, can't wait to be able to buy Zayne presents. (I'm broke right now lol) I can't believe Zayne will be 3 months old 4 days after T-day. I hope everyone has an awesome holiday with your new LO's and family :)



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