Wicked Dry Mouth

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gina143 - February 6

The last few nights I have had a really dry mouth at night when im sleeping... I drink 2 glasses of water a night when im sleeping.. And my mouth gets really dry still.. and my lips crack from yawning... I know its a weird question but is anyone else going thur this??


MB - February 6

Been going through this for weeks now and fed-up of it too !!! I am constantly putting vaseline on my lips and reaching in the fridge for more liquid !!!! i havent got diabetes so just put it down to another one of those annoying symptoms !!!! 1 week to go for me though.


gina143 - February 6

Oh good, im not alone!! I have a long time to go.. im 29 weeks...


averysmom - February 6

I know exactly what you are going through!I wake up and rach for the water!! I feel like I could down a gallon at a time!!! Only a couple weeks left for me!!!


danimarie - February 6

How much water are you girls drinking throughout the day? I was waking up thirsty a lot and a few weeks ago I started making sure I was drinking 60oz of water during my work day (not including breakfast/dinner/bedtime). I have a 12oz water bottle and I keep a tally chart and my goal is always 2 bottles before lunch, 1 for lunch, and 2 after lunch. I dunno if this has anything to do with it, but it seems like I don't wake up as much for water now.......


babyonboard16 - February 6

that just started happening to me I'm dying of thirst today. my lips have been cracking a lot, for that try blistex medicated lip balm its works wonders! Anyways I have my GD test thursday hope I dont have that.


kades_momma - February 6

This might sound funny to you all cause I have a way dry mouth and crave ice 24/7. A friend told me that If you crave ice than you arew low on iron. Went to the doctor the next week and sure enough, they said I was running on empty. So I am now taking iron pills.Sounds funny I diddn't believe her when she said that!



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