Wicked Witch Of The West

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Emily - December 30

Looking back on the first few days to weeks after my second baby was born, I seriously think I had some depression. Although at the time, I didn't realize it. I was very stressed with a colic baby, emotionally up and down and snippy, tired and exhausted. Right now, my husband works full time and is in graduate school full time. He's not around much but my mother in law is going to come for a few weeks to help me. I am wondering if anyone is worried about the baby blues before the baby their baby is even here? I have 4 weeks to my due date. Do you think it is crazy to ask to get started on something before the baby is here or should I just wait and see how things go. Everyone knows it takes time for the hormones to level off & adjust. I'd just hate for my husband, 2 children and mother in law think I am an emotional basketcase and the wicked witch of the west.


BB - December 30

I am so worried about PPD. Depresion runs in my family and so I think that makes me more likely to get it. I don't know what I can do to prepare or make sure it doesn't happen. Any suggestions would be great!


personally - December 30

I am expecting some sort of depression. That may not sound very optimistic, but I think of it more as very possible realism. Any woman who has to go through 9 months of pregnancy, hours & hours of hard labor, & weeks & weeks of not sleeping well or regularly, not having as much time to take care of herself in general, & a screaming, crying infant who usually doesn't smile (unless pa__sing gas) or laugh until a few months later is ENTITLED to be depressed... albeit it won't feel too great on top of everything else. If it doesn't pa__s after a certain amount of time or if it seems extraordinarly severe, then I'll be worried.


Heather - December 30

I don't think that you are crazy to be worried about it. I think you are smart for being honest about the possibility of having a problem. I've always had really bad seasonal depression, but haven't had much problem with it while living in Tx and Sc (more sunlight) Now we live in Germany where it is gloomy and dreary. There isn't even enough snow to make it brighter here. I've been getting depressed - no matter how excited I am about our baby - and it is something I talked to my midwife about this past week. She wants me to talk to the dr on Friday b/c she sees a potential high risk for PPD. I'm 35.5 weeks today & being induced at 39 weeks on 23 Jan. The best thing to do is be open and honest with your drs ahead of time if you are concerned. If they don't seem to be worried and you still are, look into new parent support groups ect. Just make sure someone (other than family) is there for you to talk to after you deliver. I'm going to be having a nurse come out once a week to check on baby & me after delivery. This way she comes here, we get to talk - she makes sure I'm not showing symptoms of PPD and it gives me a reason to keep our life together. Some women get depressed & don't want to clean anything, the house, themselves ect. I'm the type of person where I can't handle letting anyone in my house if it isn't spotless, so having her come here is going to make me clean really good at least once a week, no matter how depressed! A friend of mine is a lot like me in that way and she recommended the nurse idea b/c it helped her keep life moving while she had really bad PPD. She did end up being on medicine, but she said it was nice to have someone hold her accountable, and to have someone to talk to that was nonjudgemental. Families love us so much and think we are so hormonal that they ususally have a harder time pointing out when we need help. With an outsider, it's their job! Good luck!


Lindsay - December 30

Im having an adoption, Ive been depressed my whole pregnancy. Im almost positive Im going to have a real bad case of PPD trying to recover and deal with the loss of my baby and I worry about it.



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