Wierd Baby Movement Please Read

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Mrs.Steve - September 27

I'm 34.5 weeks. Last night at about 10:30, I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up at 11, and noticed my lo was quiet. I didn't think anything of it until about 11:30-11:45 when she was still quiet. So I had a cupcake and some juice and laid on my left side and still nothing. I started to get panicky, then I had some very cold juice. She got going again at 12:30am, and she's been moving ever since. It was just weird because I could not get her to move during that hour. I tried moving my belly and nothing. I know it was only an hour, but it scared me. She seems fine now, but I called L&D anyway. They said I was welcome to come in and be monitored. Should I? I'm in there every couple of weeks as it seems. Is an hour of no movement followed by her regular movement something to be concerned about?


josie4 - September 27

Sometimes my baby does that. S/he simply will not move no matter what I do, then will wake up and go crazy. Your baby was probably fast asleep and ignoring you. :) If you're quite concerned you might as well go in and get monitored.


Buffi R. - September 27

I've read that most babies have awake and sleep cycles in approximately 40 minute intervals, so maybe yours was just taking a long nap. An hour isn't too far off from 40 minutes, and remember that's just average, so I wouldn't be too worried. Also, the space is getting cramped in there now, so she might not move as often as she used to. You might want to do some kick counts to see how active she is while she is awake. When you have a chance to lay down today, drink some juice again or eat something, lay down and wait for the kicks to start. At the first one, look at the clock, then wait until you've felt 10 movements (even minor ones) and check the clock again. If it's been less than 2 hours, she's probably fine.


January - September 27

If you read week to week updates on the progress of pregnancy (I believe you are also a Nov. Mommy) it says that at this stage our lo's are sleeping 90-95% of the time. I hadn't felt any kicks or punches in 3 days. I felt movement, meaning it would be hard on my left side then an hour later-hard on the right.. but no concrete movements. I told them this on Tues. and they had me monitored.. my baby's heartrate wasn't fluctuating and staying in the 180-190 range and this concerned them.. it should be fluctuating up and down to prove movement even if we can feel it. So then they had me go to L&D where I was monitored for 2 more hours.. there we saw fluctuation and they said it was fine. It's been two more days and I've still not feeling kicks. I'm doing my 2nd 24hr urine for them to run tests on. They are looking for protein and told me that they don't always find it on the dipsticks they do in the office and more often or not, the techs that do the urine dips aren't waiting the full 60secs to read the strips and are missing protein. I agree with Josie though, the baby will sleep and ignore you. Those weekly/monthly pregnancy tips also say that baby's movements will have peaked by 30-31wks and from this point forward the quality of movements change vastly. As long as she is moving back to normal, I wouldn't worry.


Tory1980 - September 27

It could just be she was ignoring you but I will say this - If this wasn't normal for you go and get checked. Any sudden increase or decrease in movement that isn't the normal for your baby needs to get checked. I have been told that through all my pregnancies my Midwives, Doctors and Consultants. Going into L&D for a few hours is not really a problem and will put your mind at rest.


Mrs.Steve - September 27

I went to L&D this morning and was monitored for a half hour and they said all was fine. Of course she cooperates for them. I'm still glad I went, though.


docbytch - September 27

Very good to hear Mrs Steve! I understand a bit what you mean. My boy can be a major sleepyhead (DH and I are sleepyheads ourselves) and can be quite the lazy little guy for long periods of time. He always wakes up though for at least a little while to beat me up some more 8-)


name - September 28

Happened to me last week. I woke up in the morning and could not get him to move. I was pushing on him plus my daughter was screaming at him tryin to wake him up. I got scared. He started moving after an hour.


DDT - September 28

She could have been sleeping (?)


phillygir1 - September 28

this happened to me and i was at my baby shower. well i had to leave and you know what it was, i was dehydrated. it happened again a week later and i ate 3 freeze pops and drank sprite and she was awake in no time. good luck. oh, i also noticed if her/his head is down and you poke at that, they wake up.


angeev - September 29

I am 35w and have noticed a considerable change in movement these past few days, very similar to what you have described. He may go a few hours and I feel nothing, then when I do feel movement it goes on for longer periods of time than it used to and it is not as strong. I had an appointment the other day and told my doc about the changes and she said no worries. Still, I find myself poking and shaking and loading up with sugar, it's like I am already annoying the poor little one.



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