Wierd Pain Could It Be Braxton Hicks

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bellybubble - May 11

Hey Ladies, Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this for me. I was doing the dishes last night and I got this really wierd cramping sensation in my abdomen - kindof like an intense squeezing / pulling feeling (hard to explain) and when it was at its worst it was kinda hard to breathe (could still breath obviously but just felt tight??) Anyway I walked around for a while then layed on the couch and it stopped - could that be braxton hicks - I am not really worried its anything bad cause I feel fine other wise and bub is moving about as normal - any advise would be appreciated. I have a app with midwife on 25th and will ask her too, but just thought someone here could help.... Thanks for any response!!! X


HeatherIsHopeful - May 11

sounds like BH to me... but I dont know lol Im only 35 weeks so I haven't had to much of them yet. sounds pretty normal though :) good luck!


disko love - May 11

yeah it definitely sounds like bh contractions to me..... funny that it happened to you when you were doing dishes cuz the first time they hit me was when i was doing dishes too. if it happens again you probably should just grab a bottle of water and lay down on your left side for a bit. this should help them subside...... :o)


bellybubble - May 11

Thanks heaps for responding - well I am only 27 weeks so I wasnt sure - but I think it is different for everyone! Disko love i will definately try that next time - must admit i am a bit worried - if thats the "practise" ones I really am not looking forward to the real ones haha. Maybe the problem is the dishes and all pregnant women should NOT do them just in case haha!!!! I might try that one....


disko love - May 12

hey bellybubble..... hahaha yeah just don't do the dishes anymore... hahaha that is one way to get out of them! best of luck to you :o)



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