Will Being Around Paint And Dust Harm My Baby

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jamiehslp - January 30

I am almost 28 weeks and my office is starting a construction project were they are going to be tearing down walls, constructing new ones and painting over the next 3 months. Should I be concerned about my health and the babies?


jennifer_33106 - January 30

I would think although I could be wrong that the construction company would be handling that concern. It isnt good for anyone to be breathing in harsh fumes such as paint for an extended period of time pregnant or not. I would definatly make sure that they are doing something to ventilate the area there. That is a concern for everyone working there. That is just my opinion though. Someone else may have a different view.


jenice - January 30

Check if the paint they're using is oil-based or latex. Latex "fumes" are totally fine, but being that you are in a public area, chances are good that they will be going with oil-based. Pregnant women CANNOT be around oil-based paint, while it is being applied, and while the fumes are in the air. Also, how old are the walls that will be coming down? My only main concern would be asbestos in the walls, but most buildings no longer have any. (The dust causes cancer, and there's no way a regular construction crew is legally allowed to remove it, so you'll know!) If the air you're in gets a little dusty (and drywall dust is really dusty!), consider wearing one of those white paper masks over your mouth and nose. But I'm sure the construction crew will be part_tioning off their work areas with heavy plastic sheeting, so you really shouldn't have any problems. We've been doing renovations throughout my entire pregnancy (with my doctor's permission, of course!), and the only adverse affect I've noticed is that whenever my husband turns on a drill or a saw, baby starts dancing! You should be fine, but if you have any concerns, talk to your doctor, and get a list of products that the crew will be using so you can double check. Best of luck with your pregnancy, and enjoy the new offices!


mgn - January 30

i would not drive yourself nuts worrying about baby. a fetus is very strong and can survive in much worse situations then breathing some paint. however, if the smell becomes strong and makes u sick (ur body telling u something is wrong) then i would make sure to get out of there ASAP. keep a fan by your desk and be sure to have lots of venilation and u should be ok. as always, talk to your doctor to make certain all is ok and ease your mind. :) u r obviosuly going to be a very good mommy. i worry about all that stuff as well. then i think of the women who do horrible things to their bodies and still have healthy babies. it still doesnt stop the worrying though. its mother natures way of preparing us for what is to come. i am sure u will be fine. good luck.


melissap - January 31

We renovated through 2 of my pregnancies and the kids are fine. Listen to your body, if you feel sick or dizzy then you are getting too much. I wouldn't worry



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