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whatisgoingon - December 3

I see the midwife at the hospital tomorrow for my weekly check up, but I am really starting to get nervous that I will get in trouble off them. I have been leaking on/off (2-3times a day approx.) since end of last week, a clear watery odorless fluid. When it happens its a pretty obvious trickle that I can feel coming out and it completely soaks my underwear & outside pants. My normal discharge isn't ever excessive and it is a creamy watery colour, sometimes with streaks of stringy yellow cm. So I know the leaks are not my usual discharge, but for some silly reason I didn't want to call and bother the hospital or have to go in to see the midwives/Dr's and it turn out to just be cm.. But now I am worried seeing as it has happened every day since end of last week, that perhaps it could be a rupture in the amniotic sac (hindwater leak) and that maybe it isn't just normal pregnancy discharge...Im so worried that the midwife at my appointment is going to get really cranky with me, and I am sort of feeling really bad within myself that I didnt just get it checked out.. What if I have left myself open to infection now, that is if the waters are slowly leaking... His head could be acting like a cork stopping fluid leaking all the time, so it only happens occasionally and/or perhaps there is a tiny tear in the hindwaters that will just occasionally leak (this happened to my friend - she told me today that when she was pregnant around 37-38wks like me she had a slow trickle of watery fluid every now and again and went to get it checked, it was amniotic fluid from up the top fundus area and she was induced).... Am I worrying too much? I just feel aweful and now I am not so sure I didnt majorly stuff up in my decision to ignore it/wait and see until my appointment tomorrow.... eek. HELP :(


Krissy25 - December 4

You shouldn't ever have to feel bad about calling your midwife or doctor if you have a concern. I don't know if your water is leaking or not but i'm pretty sure mine was leaking for a while and i thought i would just wait until my doctors appointment to see but my water broke all the way before i could. I had a low grade fever when i got to the hospital and my doctor asked if i thought i had been leaking and i said yes. She didn't say anything about it and besides the low grade fever i was fine and so was the baby.


whatisgoingon - December 4

It's not that I feel bad about calling the midwife/Dr at the hospital, it's just that I dont want to look stupid or like I am a hypo-chondriact if it turned out to be nothing.. I regret my decision in not calling last week and am now worried about it all. I see the hospital tomorrow and I dont have a fever or anything. I dont feel sick and the only other symptoms atop the leaking is braxton hicks (gas type pains / menstrual type pains), a lot of groin/thigh cramps and just this afternoon I had a bout of diarreah (which I never get & was told it's a sign of labour approaching?).. My baby has been fully engaged for a couple of weeks and has dropped even lower (not that I thought that was even possible he was already so incredibly low) over the last week. I am 37wks tomorrow and still have 3wks till my 40wk date. Hopefully the leaking turns out to be nothing tomorrow, how do they check on something like that anyway? If its not a constant leak that is.. I hope I dont get in trouble off the midwives, I didnt intend to make a bad decision about holding off addressing the leak, I guess I am not thinking straight with the impending birth etc etc -


star_eyes - December 4

Why don't you call them now if you're truly worried about it? They are used to people calling who are concerned. And wouldn't you rather know for sure what's going on and know that your baby IS ok rather than sit here worrying about the baby possibly not being ok when there was something you could do about it?? You should just call and see what they tell you. I know what you mean, because whenever I get a weird pain or anything out of the norm I sit and wonder..."should I call or not?" and so far I haven't but in your case, it does sound like it's something that is worth calling over. GL and let us know!!


margie - December 5

Hey I was just curious what you found out?


alirenee86 - December 5

I was the SAME way...started contractions out of completely nowhere and my husband insisting on going to the hospital cause it was 'it' and I kept refusing saying it was probably false contractions and I don't want to start calling everyone and having them send me home cause it wasn't the real thing. I was in complete denial about it not wanting to set off any false alarms. Call right away however. I'm sure you'll be fine tomorrow, but you're so close that you want to stay on top of it no matter what. Understandable what you did too cause it was a slow trickle of fluid. Mine never even broke, the dr broke it when I got to the hospital- and it was the real deal and happened very quickly thereafter. So definately call and just stay on top of it!


whatisgoingon - December 5

All good, had Dr appointment at hospital yesterday and everything was fine. I got a CTG and examination, both were all okay. The examination (internal) was to see if there was any 'pooling' of fluid around the cervix, which I knew they wouldn't find, because if there was any such 'pooling' I would be leaking more than just my 1-2 times a day. So that was no surprise there. Just means that the leak isn't from the very front waters around the baby's head and my pelvis. The midwife said it would just be a slow hind water leakage, which they usually fix themselves and don't pose any major threat. My stats were all good and I don't have any fever or symptoms or infections etc, so really they can't do much more than that. I just have to keep an eye on it and if it keeps occurring or becomes more frequent followed with contractions or a fever/feeling unwell than to call or go back in. But at this point everything seems pretty normal with my little one and myself.. So it's a bit frustrating not knowing what it could be, guess it's just another of those fabulous pregnancy symptoms that science/Dr's just can't quite explain LOL


star_eyes - December 5

I'm glad to hear everything is ok! I'm sure you were relieved as well!! Thanks for updating us!


Buffi R. - December 5

Did they test your cervical fluids with a swab or pH paper to see if it was amniotic fluid? I had a similar experience today where I started leaking lots of fluid every time I stood up. I was so sure my water had broken that I went to the hospital, but after a pH swab and internal exam, they decided I didn't have any amn. fluid leaking at all, that it was just urine the baby was pressing out. (what a diappointment!) I still have this nagging feeling though that I just didn't have enough fluid inside to be properly tested with the pH swab because I'm still leaking even right after I pee in the toilet. But I'm glad to hear that if I have a high leak it shouldn't cause any problems. Just wondering if they decided yours was in fact an amn. leak and not urine. thanks!


whatisgoingon - December 6

They did a swab which they took away to be tested for amnio' fluid, but I wont get those results till my next appointment, wednesday coming. There was no obvious pooling of fluid around my cervix, which I knew there wouldnt be. If I was leaking all the time or more frequently than the once or twice a day I would expect to have fluid constantly coming out or pooling in my v____a than leaking non-stop, but I dont. The midwife said hind-water leaks can happen, where you get a small tear/rip in the sac up around the fundus. But the membranes surrounding the baby/sac usually fold over the tear and stop the leaking.. thus only having an incident of water coming out 1-2 times a day or occasionally. She said there is nothing they can do and so long as I dont have a fever or contractions etc that there really is no harm or risk to the baby. They dont induce for a hindwater leak unless you are showing signs of say fetal destress or a temperature etc etc. So apart from a hind-water leak the only other thing it could be is a watery-clear discharge. I dont see how though, as us women all know our individual discharge, especially during pregnancy. It definately isnt like water or completely odorless. But you never know, I suppose it's a possibility of just it being extra discharge which leaks out.. Really doubt it's urine either, as I am constantly making sure my bladder is as empty as possible, most times I only get a few drops when I go to the toilet - never enough to leak the way I have been. Plus urine smells to a degree and is never a water colour completely. I dont know, they dont really have a 100% answer for me. So who knows, but baby is in no danger and I am fine, that is what matters most. :)



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