Will I Ever Start To Show

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randi - November 12

im 24 weeks and am still not poped out or nothing i was 190 pr pregnancy and now 202


Tati - November 12

Do you really want too. Really it gets so much harder when it is out in front of you. You should enjoy it. Yes you will show and soon this is the time baby really starts to grow bigger. I am also 34 weeks and I'll tell you I wouldn't mind having your worries. Enjoy it while you can. I would love to hear from you again in few weeks, next month.


iva - November 12

i havnt started showing and im 36 weeks, no one can tell im pregnant and are surprised upon finding out..it sucks bc people jsut think im a bif fattie, i also was around 200 when i got pregnant.


iva - November 12



randi - November 13

i know people who weighed more than me that showed but i guess its diffrent i seem to be rounding out but thats it im already uncomfortable and my back kils me but i want to show so i dont have to say i had a boy on so and so date and they say you were pregnant?


Lisa - November 13

Most overweight women take much longer to show. I just looked fatter and fatter, not pregnant! I am now 35 weeks and I just started showing in the past 3 weeks. And I really think I only show now because I started wearing lose that gather below the chest and them flounce out so it's more obvious!


Charlene - November 14

I am due March 7 and I am showing very little. In some ways this concerns me as I just feel that I should be bigger. I have a Dr's appt this week so will confirm all is ok. Being plus size - can anyone tell me about movements - sometimes I am sure that I feel them, but when can you really feel them and see them? There's always something to worry about - isn't there !!


[email protected] - November 14

Randi, I'm 30 wks and I started showing about 3 wks ago. I too am plus size (16) but I also have large b___st that stick out and my stomach just don't stick out so far. I do like to show that I'm pregnant by wearing tight fitting shirts that hugs my stomach and shows my figure. Just let time keep on pa__sing by and you'll show.


small - November 14

Some small women do not show either. I did not show when I was pregnant with my son and I am really small. 100lbs.


jorden - November 14

i was 200 before i got pregnant and i ended up getting to 270. But i didnt start showing until i was about 7 1/2 months. But i always wanted a pregnant stomach...that was the best part of pregnancy, having a big ol' belly :) But you'll start to show soon.


Annette - November 15

Randi, I asked myself the same question up until week #20.... now I wish I had kept it shut. I am 27 and I wish I had a basketball belly. Mine resembles more a beachball. A big one.


shelley - November 15

i started off at 262 and i am now 35 weeks i have been showing forever now my stomach is touching the stearing wheel i love having a round pregnant stomach so be patient it will happen



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