Will I Go Crazy

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Thanks - November 1

Hey. I am pregnant with my second child, due in 22 days. I have a four year old already. I am excited about the new baby and ready to meet him, but I am also nervous about having two kids! I am so use to everything being the way it is, my four year old is in pre-school and very independent. I have gotten so use to our everyday routine and it is about to be completely CrAzY I feel like! My question is, to all the women that already have more than one child, was it easy to adjust after the new baby came home, was it twice a hard with 2, did you think you were going to go nuts the first few months? What was it like!? Help! LOL. Thanks~ :o)


S.Mclain - November 2

My two children were almost 10 yrs apart,so it was very easy to adjust.I can't speak for you mothers who have them close together.I would go nuts having kids so close.I loved it the way I did it and would do it again ,just the same.It was calm,serene and pleasant and I did not have fighting kids,jealousy,or anything of that sort .It was GREAT ! Maybe someone else can help you ,who has kids close together.My sister who is 21 mos younger then I was so mean as a kid and picked on me unmercifully,I swore I would never have kids close together and I practiced what I preached..hehe.


Lesley - November 2

My oldest was 3 when I had my daughter. As well as a new baby he had to get used to a new house, new area and new nursery school. I am proud of the way he done it though. No tantrems, he adjusted quite easy. When I brought my 2nd home it was all emotional. He was wanting to always hold her, sing to her, stroke her hair. After a while the novilty wore off and he got on with the things he used to do before I had her. I didn't think it was hard the 1st couple of months. Although it is hard now. She is 18 months and he is almost 5. They are forever fighting and arguing. I know it is going to be so hard when I have this baby, cos of the closeness in age between baby and my daughter. The only thing you can do is take each day as it comes and don't expect to be able to do everything. 4 year olds are so independant and like to get themselves dressed, fed etc... so that helps out a bit.



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