Will I Know When I M In Active Labour

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Kate - June 29

I'm really worried that I won't recognise when I'm in labour and leave it too late to get to the hospital. I'm 38 weeks and lost my mucus plug last week. The thing is I went to the hospital yesterday just for a check up because the baby wasn't moving much and they monitered me for an hour. During that time they said the baby was moving loads (I couldn't feel it) and that I was having regular contractions (every 15 min, couldn't feel them either!!!!!!) I asked if they could be braxton hicks and was told it is possible but not usual for them to come so regularly. I'm 2 cm dilated and the midwife thought I was in early labour (I always assumed I end up being over due!). They sent me home saying that everything was fine but now I'm really worried that things will progress without me realising it!! Anyone else got similar worries? All comments gratefully recieved!!!


KH - June 29

I was the same way with my first Kate. Everyone told me, "trust me, you will know" and I still worried and guess what? They were right. You will know. How far is your hospital? First time moms usually have pretty long labors, so unless your hosp is really far, I wouldnt stress over it - you have too many other things to worry about. I was 2 cm for over a week and then went from 2-4 in about 8 hours, so it's slooooow :)


Ginger - June 29

I was wondering the same thing. I started having contractions last week when I was 35 weeks. They gave me a shot to stop my labor and now have doubled my pills to stop labor. I'm going to the doctor today and was just wondering how long will they prolong this??? I know they want him in there as long as they can. But what happens next?


N - June 29

I have the same worries. I am 39 weeks pregnant and lost my mucus plug yesterday. i have been having pains similar to menustral cramps for the last weeks and on monday i was 2cm dilated. i am scared that i will end up getting to the hospital like 10 minutes before he is ready to come. My mother had this same problem she didn't realize she was in labor until she was almost fully dilated so she all of her kids natural.


Kate - June 29

Thanks for responding. I live about 30 minutes from hospital so should make it in plenty of time, I just don't know what sort of pains/feelings i'm looking out for. I have an almost constant pain across the middle of my stomach that gets worse when I stand/walk and feels better if I lie down. My stomach feels hard nearly all the time I think, how is this different to having contractions?! Everyone says I'll just know so maybe I'll just wait until then before annoying the hospital/midwife again!!!!!


KH - June 29

contractions are very uncomfortable, not just a little crampy. You WILL know the difference when it happens. I understand your concerns though b/c you've never felt them before :)


gw - June 30

A friend of mine had her first baby a few weeks ago and she never felt any contractions and no sign she was in labour except for pains in her legs. When she got to the hospital she was 9 cm dilated and still couldnt feel contractions and had to be told when to push!! I am afraid of not knowing either as I dont know if I've had braxton hicks and I am nearly 38 weeks....hoping they will check for dilation at my hospital appointment next week..not long to go and I am sure we will be wishing we couldnt feel the contractions when they actually happen!!!


Barbara - June 30

I just had my baby on June 24th :O),he was 7lbs 11oz. and doing great...I started having contractions three days before he was born and at that point I was only 1 cm and the baby's head was at 0 station. The contractions that I had were so painful,I cried alot through those three days previous to him being born it was very painful so I think you will know when you are in active labor. I had a very rough labor I went to the hospital at 7:00 am and I was 3-4 cm a few hours later I got an epidural and it didn't work so they gave me another one and I was at 8cm it fell out. So at the worst part of my labor I had no medication at all. I pushed for over 3 hours and he wasn't coming down. I ended up having to have a c-section. I'm still pretty sore but each day it's getting better. Good luck to everyone :O)


Chris - June 30

kate -- You sort of answered your question right there. When you change positions and they go away, then they're BH's. If you move around and they're still constant and no matter which way you try to lay, they dont go away and get closer .... then it's time to head off to the hospital.



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