Will I Make It For My Baby Shower

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orie - March 31

m 32 weeks pregnant right now....but ny baby shower is scheduled for april 30 ...made me realize im goin to be 9 months!!!! Do you think ill make it? Oh yea...my due date is may 25!! Thanks!


^lucy^ - March 31

hi orie.. im due may 24th so a day before u :) dont worry u'll hopefully make it.. if ur worries u can re-schedule it to be a week earlier than it is.. but it must be ok.. just relax dear and think about all te gifts ur gonna get :D


7750kate - March 31

if you dont make it have it afterwards! cancel it when baby born - people wont mind - but then make sure you organise it telling people that you may cancel it at the VERY last moment. theyll understand! then they can meet your new baby and you can have a good night with your friends and your baby. after having my 1st i felt rough for the 1st 2 days then after that felt ok and would have loved the company for a few hours. im sure youll make it anyways. these babies are so unpredictable and could come at anytime but if baby is early have a baby welcome instead of a baby shower! kate x


AR - March 31

I think you'll make it, I got my last babyshower when I was 37 weeks pregnant. It made it harder for returning gifts but my friend couldn't host it earlier. good luck!


Jenn2 - March 31

Orie- my situation is even worse. I'm due June 8th, and my shower is May 13th. I will be about 37 weeks at my shower. Most mom's will make it past 36-37 weeks unless there are complications and the doc has to take the baby early. I'm sure you will be fine.


SonicRose2003 - March 31

Hello orie. I am sure everything will be good for ya hun. I am on my second pregnancy. Have not had a shower yet, but i don't think i will get one. People will prolly just give me stuff after i have our lil princess. But with my first, it was so funny. I did not have anything at all until i had a baby shower and i went into labor like a day or two after my shower lol. I guess perfect timing lol. But don't you worry hun ok? Do you know yet what you are having? Best of luck to you!!!!!!!


Alycia - March 31

Unless you get induced, I'm pretty sure you'll make it, provided your due date is fairly accurate. Most first time moms go 10 days past their due dates on average when nature is let to run its course (i.e. no membrane stripping, etc.). Have fun!


meme - March 31

I'm having my shower this weekend. I'll be 37 and 1/2 weeks... well into my ninth month. You'll make it. And even if you don't, you can have the shower afterwards. My mom told me about a Jewish tradition where people don't get the baby anything before he or she is born because supposedly it jinxs them. I asked her to bring me a carseat last weekend anyway, since hospitals don't letcha leave without one! I'm not religious and I don't fall for the superst_tion, but it's just a thought.


Ba8y6irl - March 31

I am due the 23rd, my bday is the 25th!! I have a baby shower on April 22nd and May 7th. I think the same thing... will I make it? I am sure we all will !! If not you have a after baby shower ;-)


TaraNMatt - April 3

You should be fine I'm 35 weeks on Wednesday due May 11th and my baby shower is Saturday the 8th. If not, everyone will be there for the birth instead of the Baby Shower!! =) Good Luck!!


AML - April 3

I'm due June 2...baby shower is april 30th also....i feel like i could pop soon too!



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