Will It Break Your Water

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lynn - April 17

I am 38 weeks today and 3 cm dialated. I am ready to have our little girl but my fiance is scared to death of breaking my water. I have read that semen helps induce labor and it's been a week since....ya know! anyhow does any one know if this is true or have any suggestions?


Jen - April 17

My sister in law swears that it worked for her both times. I don't think he can break your water (too far back). but the s____n is supposed to soften the cervix. My husband is not interested in this at all. I'm 39 weeks today and so ready to not be pregnant anymore. I think I'd be fine if I didn't have to go to work 40 hours per week. Anyway, let me know if it works for you.


Corrina - April 17

seman has the chemicals needed to help thin your cervix, but won't break your water. And most of the time won't even thin your cervix enough to be of any help. I am 32 wks preg with 4th child, (our first one is 17 1/2 yrs old) that myth has been around since I had the first one and we had s_x with all pregnancies right up until they were born (1st was 2 wks late, 2nd 10 days late and the last one I took castor oil, a midwives labor inducing technique when your cervix is favorable (it only makes you have stomach ache and the runs if your cervix is not ready!) and he was born the day after his due date.


lynn - April 21

Thanks for everyone's advice the moring after I wrote this my water broke without help from my fiance. Labor was quick for a first time I had no pain with an epidural and pushed her out in 3 pushes. We are now home and doing great. Thanks for your help again: )


Billie - April 21



Toya - April 21

Lynn, that is great! Congratulations!!!


Kymmi - April 21

Lynn, s____n only softens the cervix, which helps for labor, but does not necessarily "induce" labor. You don't have to worry about your fiance breaking it either. It will happen on it's own, when the time is right.


jessica - April 21

i had a lady tell me that it worked for her. she was 1cm for 2 months starting at 7months, her doc told her to go home and have s_x because the s____n helps the effacement and dialation process, if you try let me know.


Beth - May 12

Hey we tried everything but nothing really worked i am 40 weeks and 3 cm dialated but try it and if it works let me know. i have had people tell me to try castor oil but i dont see that happening.


penny - July 19

no thats not true the baby will just come when its ready people do it all the way up till the baby is due



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