Will It Ever End Lol

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HeatherIsHopeful - April 1

I feel like I have been pregnant for ever and that I will continue to be pregnant for ever... only 2 and a half months to go and 11 weeks doesn't sound like a long time but I just really want my little angle with me. any one else getting tired of the waiting game?


kate_ - April 1

yes! i have 5 weeks left, but i am ready for this to be over! i am thrilled to be pregnant, but i am ready to be a mom now. i am done being a big waddling pregnant lady!


MollieM - April 1

I feel the same way, but this week, they discovered a health complication with me that could pa__s on to the baby, so they are scheduling an induction for next week (4 weeks early!!) Just when you want to rush it, things will pick up, and you will feel like you have no time!


fefer1 - April 1

oh yeah- I only have 9 weeks and it feels like a loooooong way away, especially since I know the last month or so is really hard ( at least it was on me). :) Can't wait for June 2!!


michelly4 - April 1

I have 12 weeks left and it seems like forever !!! It's funny cuz the last 28 went by quick it seems . My youngest was born 6 weeks early so I am looking at anytime after 6 weeks from now. I love my kids but pregnancy I don't ! Heartburn ALL the time, can't sleep, tired and just like you ready to see my precious little girl !!! We have just about everything ready. Just have to get the little things now like diapers, wipes, lotions etc. I just had to go buy $200 worth of new scrubs for work !!! So I am so ready for the next 12 weeks to go by FAST !!!!


HeatherIsHopeful - April 1

lol thanks ladies... Im glad Im not the only one. Im so happy to be pregnant and have a baby on the way but Im so ready for her to be here.. or at least I THINK Im ready LOL. the first trimester dragged on then the second flew by now this one is taking forever!! good luck with your pregnancies everyone! :)


HeatherIsHopeful - April 1

lol, DDT.. I cant wait to have her here... I think other than just wanting my baby here with me Im also just missin my hubby (hes deployed) so I think I feel like once the baby is here I'l feel less alone *shrug* maybe lol I dunno. anyway 11 weeks isnt long it just feels so far away.


cher_don - April 2

oh yes, i was originally due 9th march (LMP date) but the hospital changed that to 1st april at my scan and to a pregnant lady 3 weeks is an absolute lifetime. they di the same thing with my 1st pregnancy and changed my date, i ended up being induced 4 weeks after my original date and when she was born the doctors said that maybe my dates were correct after all. so here i am now 1 day over their new date and tearing my hair out, and if 1 more person says "HAVE YOU NOT HAD THAT BABY YET" i may not be responsible for my actions LOL! my MW is doing a membrane sweep next monday if im still here so keep your fingers crossed for me girls. :=) xx



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