Will My Doctor Know If The Baby Drops

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Shana - February 4

Will my doctor know if my baby has dropped? It may be a silly question but is there a approximate time after the baby drops that you I will go in to labor. I know everyone and their babies are differnt but I really have no idea.


Lisa - February 5

Yes, your doctor will know if the baby is down, they will feel the baby's head. Generally, you will drop after 36 weeks. Also, i think you wil feel it, the baby will feel lower and you will go to the toilet twice as much!!


Naomi - February 7

you will know if the baby drops you will be setting up camp in the bathroom!


Amy - May 11

You MD will know by the measuremnets they take of your belly. It will be much lower. You will know because it will get difficult to walk..and if you haven't started the "waddle" yet..you definately will then.


Maddie - May 11

So, you're saying that you go #2 alot more? Is it constipation or not? Cause I seem to feel #2 cramps, but am not able to go! =(


marjorie - August 31

i will like to know when is the frist time the baby start to move in side me


Jennifer - August 31

No, I think they were saying you will pee a lot more not #2....Trust me Im 37 weeks and feel so much pressure down there...I pee at least every 30 minutes and every hour or two when Im sleeping. You will feel it....and the doc will feel it when she starts checking your cervix.


miranda - August 31

I'm 37 1/2 weeks and I thought the aby had dropped because I was peeing about every 30 seconds, but when she checked me last week the baby's head was still high, so peeing a lot doesn't necessarily mean the baby has dropped.


Tami - August 31

Miranda-you could have a urinary tract infection. That is what happened to me. I had to pee about every hour and then I started having contractions so they did a test and I have one. Now i get to take antibiotics for ten days to get rid of it!



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