Will The Baby Be Ok

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Brooke235 - October 8

i will be 36 weeks the first week in December and my dd is jan 4th. if she comes in december will she be ok?


chickiepoo9 - October 8

it depend on when in dec and if you dont mind me asking why would you be concerned about her coming in dec is there something that might cause early labor?


Brooke235 - October 8

oh i was just wondering if i dont go to the full 40 weeks and she came a couple of weeks early would it be harmful to her? this is my first and i just wasnt sure


sahmof3 - October 8

Most babies do very well when born at 36 weeks. My cousin had her little girl at 34 weeks... thankfully... I say thankfully because she kept having trouble with pre-term labor from 20 weeks on and she's so lucky that they were able to stop it for all of those weeks!!! Her dd was 4 lbs. 15 oz. She stayed in NICU for a couple of days for observation, but went home about 4-5 days after her birth. She was and is a healthy little girl (she'll be a year old next month).


chickiepoo9 - October 8

yeah at 37 weeks baby is considered full term lungs are fully developed and chances of anything going wrong are very slim, the last few weeks they are really just putting weight on everythig else is good to go.


cayingo - October 9

Our DD was born at 36w and was fine. They warned us she might have immature lung funtion and have to go to NICU, but she was perfect. Her billiruben count was lightly elevated making her a little yellow int he eyes from jaundice, but she didn't even require UV therapy. She's the healthiest kid around still. Good luck.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - October 9

My daughter was only a week and 3 days early and weighed 5lbs 14oz, I'm so glad I had her that late because I went into false labor 3 weeks prior and I could only imagine how small she would have been. She did great tho, they had me stay an extra day to make sure, even tho she was a term baby, but she was born the size of a premie...she is a month old and weighs as much as most babies do when they are born


DaBonkElsMe - October 9

Statistically speaking, most - not all - first pregnancy go late rather than early, so unless your doctor has given some reason to worry about early labor, you shouldn't be too concerned.


Jilloh - October 9

37-42 weeks is considered full term (although many doctors won't go past week 41 or 10 days overdue). I am due January 5 and if I had a late December baby I wouldn't be sad {tax deduction,lol} but it will happen when it happens! My 18 month old was born on his due date (a rare happening I know).



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