Will They Induce Me If I Am Measuring Too Big

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Meghan - March 6

because at my last appt I was just 37 weeks and measuring 39 weeks. this is my first baby so I amnot sure how it all works when it comes to inducing and such. I know I have gotten bigger since my last appt, and I dont have another one until friday. I am 38 weeks now. thank you


lunamoo - March 6

Measuring fundal height is a plus or minus 2 cm and considered completely normal. Even measuring 4 cm either way is not to worry if you have shown continual growth. The baby can change position and therefore the measurement can then be bigger or smaller than "expected". There is no medical reason to induce because of one fundal height measurement. PLEASE do some research on the effects to you and your baby because of medical intervention and induction!!! Some hospitals have such a high rate of UNNECESSARY intervention. This is for the drs convienince not yours....You are momma and you can decide. Good luck!!


danimarie - March 6

I was 34cm at 31 weeks...my doctor ordered a growth ultrasound for 33 weeks (I'm having it done on Thursday) but anyway....my doctor told me that the ONLY way she would induce is if my body is already looking ready- like my cervix is effaced and I'm dilated.....and she said she would only do it at 39 weeks......SO...I think it all depends on your doctor. But lunamoo is right....based on fundal height alone they probably wouldn't induce (and shouldn't induce) It isn't a very accurate way to tell how big the baby is since they move around and different women carry babies different ways.


Meghan - March 6

thank you ladies. At my 32 weeks ultrasound they said my daughter weighed 5 pounds one ounce already, but I have had a steady growth rate and everything looks healthy and happy with my baby. I have a midwife so she really believes in the natural ways of doing things but I was thinking about asking her to do a "stretch and sweep" on friday because of all the pain i am in, I can hardly walk anymore because of the pains in my (sorry tmi) v____a. but thank you for your insight.


ShaunaLeigh - March 6

haha meghan... I was wanderin if anyone else had that annoying pain in their crotch cuz it hurts like hell!!! I hate it! Im one day over 40 weeks today & i been havin that for a LONNNNNG time & im annoyed haha they wont induce me til the 14th which will make me 9 days over... they normally wait til then i think... unless other issues arrive


Tammy276 - March 6

honey, if doctors induced because of all the pain woman were in, I think almost every pregnant woman would be gettting induced!! LOL... I am 37 weeks and am wanting this baby out of me already!!! Since about 34 weeks I have been in severe pain (in the crotch, cervix) and have been having some pretty bad braxton hicks contractions, painful ones....I am 3cm and about 70% effaced already and am SO ready to be done!!! IF i make it to 39 weeks, my doctor will be inducing me, not for me, but because she doesn't want me having a large baby....that is fine by me!! I was induced with my son at 39 weeks and would definately do it again!! the good thing is we know we are normal and that there are hundreds of other woman out there feeling as miserable as we are!


missycc4 - March 6

Well ladies, I'm can't wait until tomorrow. I see my Dr. and I'm telling her to induce me this weekend. I'm now to the point I can't even walk. The pain is so bad I just sit on the couch and only get up when I have to. My feet are so swellon right now that my shoes don't fit. I'm not sure how much the baby weighs at this point but I do know she is BIG. Good Luck


Meghan - March 6

aw, well I am glad I m not the only one this miserable! I just lost my mucous plug today..which was pretty exciting, i had thought i lost it a while ago because of the increase of discharge i had but apparently not. what a god aweful looking thing that mucous plug is hahah. good luck to all of you who are being induced. I am jealous, i just want to have my baby TODAY haha.


crystal74 - March 6

i am 40weeks 6 days and baby has been measuring larger than he should be since about two months ago. they did 3 or 4 ultrasounds and have determined that he is indeed a big baby. this is my first and i'm a small person, only 5"1 so i have been a little nervous about it but my dr. wouldn't induce me till 41 weeks. she said just because he is bigger doesn't mean he is fully developed inside, so she didn't want to risk it. i am being induced tomorrow morning. i guess it just depends on your dr.


CANDICEL - August 27

Well ladies.... I am right there with you all!! I am 34 weeks and 5 days and my son has been measuring in the 99% since about 19 weeks!! I started having steady contractions 1 to 4 mins apart since last monday and im still not dialating~Im having the worse pain down there it sucks!!They put me on the stress test and all looked well now its a freaking waiting game!! : ( I will be having another growth ultrasound on Sept 12th if he is measuring to be more then 9lbs they will induce me then THANK GOD IM HUGE!!!



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