Will This Ever Be Over

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Stacy - February 15

I am 34 weeks and have had a great pregnancy and have enjoyed being pregnant more than I expected to, however, now it seems like I get more uncomfortable every day and just moving around is exhausting and painful. I am so ready for it to be over now. Anyone else feel like the last 5-6 weeks will never get here?


erin - February 15

I can totally agree. I am 34 almost 35 weeks and I feel exactly the same way. Now it seems like it's so close and so far away at the same time! But we're almost done, right? When February is over, there will only be 3 more weeks to go!


Stacy - February 15

Thank goodness. It has been such a journey and I guess in hindsight it has gone by so fast. I would just like to sleep through one night without the hip and back pain or get up from the couch in less than 5 min. LOL I swear, I have actually gotten STUCK and my husband has had to help roll me over. LOL


Kel - February 15

I'm right with you!! Everything has been just fine, but now every day things are so hard to do. I can barely clean the house anymore and if I do, every bone in my body hurts. I can't wait to be able to sleep and turn over without it being a huge production, ha ha! I have a cold now too and I am feeling double miserable. I can't wait to just have the little one here with me!


amb - February 15

oh yes i TOTALLY agree!!!! im 35 weeks and cant stand it anymore. my dh thinks im making half the pain up but im not. now it feels like i have needles in my back and that pain doesnt go away!!! its awful!!! im so glad to know imnot the only one with all these aches and pains,


Girl Gilly - February 15

I am 34 weeks and feel the exact same way. I am soooo uncomfortable. The skin on my belly has been so sore. It hurts to even wear my tshirt over it. I am a__suming that my skin is stretching. Not to mention all the other stuff. I am ready to have this baby. But not this week - we have had a warm winter up until now but it is supposed to get down to minus 20 anyday now and I have not picked up any winter clothes for the baby as it is due March 29! So in two weeks, after it warms up, I want this baby out!!!


Brianne - February 15

Amen!!! I am 37 wks today-due March 8, and I can not wait to have my baby! I am especially looking forward to being able to sleep on my stomach again...although it may still be awhile with nursing! Oh well, it's all worth it, right!


Kel - February 15

Oh yes, I can't wait to sleep on my tummy!! Whenever someone asks me what the first thing is that I will do once I have the baby, that is the first thing that comes out of my mouth!


Stacy - February 15

It is worth it! I just hope my body can bounce back. This is my second, my daughter is 13. It was hard at 18, I can only guess at 31 it will be even harder. I am just so tired. I know I am lucky because I get to stay home, so for all you moms- to- be that have to work....... GOD BLESS YOU!!!!


Stacy - February 15

Does anyone know what my next Dr.s appt will be like? It will be my 36 week appt and was wondering when they start checking for dialation.


Bonnie - February 15

Heh, I just had my LO 3 weeks ago. My advice? Even though time DRAGS at the end and you are soooooo uncomfortable...try to enjoy it as wierd as that sounds. I find most people tend to miss the pregnancy after (even though they are of course glad to have LO). And even though you are tired and cannot sleep...OMG does that get worse after, lol. Especially if you are blessed with a baby with tummy or other troubles. At this point, if I get a 3 hour sleep I am in total heaven! lol Hang in there ladies, the time will come before you know it then you will be missing some of that pregnancy. Try to enjoy it, the good and the bad, while you can. :)


to Stacy - February 15

I'm 31 weeks now, & what?! I have 7 to 11 more weeks to go? You've got to be kidding me! lol Well, guess I just have to deal with it... but it sure is getting hard to stand up from a sitting position, roll over in bed, tie my own shoes, bend a little to get something off the floor, walk up one flight of stairs, etc. Blah.



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