Willing To Wait It Out

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kris A - November 1

I am due Nov 20, and feeling surprisingly well most of the time... other than being big, uncomfortable, and unable to sleep. I am very ready for our new baby girl, but am I the only one who is content to wait until she makes her appearance? I read all the posts about the girls who are going nuts waiting... I just mostly feel content to feel her kicking, hiccuping, and squirming around... she's my fourth so maybe it's knowing the pregnancy is almost over... anyone else feel very pregnant but content?


Christy - November 1

I am with you, kris A. I am 36.5 weeks and don't want to force this kid out before he is ready. If there is a good medical reason to take him early, I will do it, but no other way. There has been a little talk about taking him early because he might be big, but I read a great article that basically stated that a big baby is not a good reason to induce because of the increased risk of complications and c-section. Medical stuff aside, I feel happy to be pregnant, even with its discomforts. Furthermore, I have a bit more to do to get ready for his arrival and for going to the hospital. So, whenever he is ready to make his appearance is fine with me. :)


Lesley - November 1

I am 10 days over. I enjoy feeling him move and kick, but it is really uncomfy and I can't wait for a decent night sleep!


dd - November 1

I agree with you being content.I'm 36.5weeks also.Once they're out you can't put them back.Besides you get them all to yourself for just this short time.


darlene - November 1

i could agree


Mary - November 1

I used to think like you until I hit 39 weeks and then 39 and 1/2 and then 40 weeks. Your body starts to complain big time, and your family and friends start to hound you. Every new day seems to last forever and the expectation of having labor start at any minute becomes taxing on your soul. Then the real worry starts: you start to worry that labor will not start naturally and you will have to be induced, that is taxing on your heart and soul. Then you see all other women have their babies, even those whose due date comes after yours, and you get even more worried that induction is just around the corner. For a new mom all these things I mentioned can be hard to deal with and handle, no matter how positive you try to be. I so want to wait for my little one to arrive on his own, but I am now about 41 weeks and will be induced in one week, in case he does not make an appeareance. So I do want him out, on his own, naturally, no induction, which makes me no longer feel very pregnant but content but very pregnant and a bit worried about bringing up labor artificially. Hopefully all moms who are content to wait until the 42 weeks and be induced will not fall into worring like I do. It is not pleasant. :)


M - November 2

I'm with you too, Kris. It's been a very difficult pregnancy, complications for both of us, but I'll wait for baby. I've been to 42 weeks before, no worries. You get more comfort and sleep now than you do the first six weeks with baby, LOL!



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