Witch Hazel

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livdea - July 7

Where can you buy it? I've been looking for it but I think in the wrong places!! I want to get some to soak some cotton pads in for after baby is born...I heard its magical!


AlissaF - July 7

I don't know where to find it, but when you do, also make a mixture of mostly witch hazel, and a little of lavendar and peppermint in a spray bottle and use it to spray on downunder after baby is born... it works SOOOO well. Major source of relief for me.


CyndiG - July 7

I saw it the other day at the drugstore. It was on the bottom shelf in a big jug. I was surprised how big the jug was! I was in the bandaids and bandages area. I would just ask the pharmacist.


mcatherine - July 7

You can find witch hazel at the drug store - it's usually by the hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol.


livdea - July 7

ah thanks ladies! I didn't think it would be so difficult to find but I couldn't find it! I obviously wasn't looking in the right spot! oh and thanks for the lavendar and peppermint idea too! I heard to soak cotton pads in the witch hazel and put them in the freezer and then when you need relief you put them inside your undies!


Tanna - July 7

Check by hemmeroidal (sp.?) medication too. My hospital sends you home with a container of pre-soaked pads, so I'm sure you can buy them that way as well.


lexa - July 7

I agree with Tanna! With my first, I had so many st_tches it was awful! I did use cotton b___s with witch hazel on, but I must say that I absolutely loved the Tucks medicated pads! Just line a pantyliner with them and it has a nice cooling effect for a while. It really helped! I'm already preparing for this time around! Hope I won't need them though!


afwife - July 13

it is in the pharmacy, by the rubbing alcohol and peroxide


DWilson924 - July 13

Ok I am a first time mother to be (38 weeks today) and have not heard about witch hazel. Can someone please fill me in?


mcatherine - July 13

Women use witch hazel for hemmroid and episiotomy relief after giving birth. They sell pre-soaked pads and some hospitals send them home with you.


piratesmermaid - July 13

First time mom as well, and I didn't know about witch hazel. I'll definitely be picking some up though, just in case!!


Deb - July 13

I got mine at walmart in the same section as alcohol, peroxide and other antiseptics. Spray some pads liberally with it and put them in the freezer....ooh cold at first but then ahhhh such relief! Tucks pads are great too...you can blot the area or you can just lay a couple down on your pad. They have an antiseptic on them and provide great relief and cleansing. St_tches and swelling are a b___h!!!


DWilson924 - July 13

Hmm, I will have to go and pick some of that stuff up for after I have my baby. Thanks for the tips ladies!


everthiki - July 13

I just picked some Tucks pads up today from the drugstore. They come in a package of 100 presoaked pads. A friend told me they work very well.


ChannY - July 13

Its at the drugstore..but speaking of that..of you ever try using Tucks? They works very good. Take away the itchiness..ugh..i hate itchiness!


afwife - July 16

Tucks pads and witch hazel pads are the same thing. Tucks pads are just pads soaked in Witch Hazel. I bought the wal-mart brand pads...they're the same thing.



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