Women Who Have GDM Question

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miranda - July 5

I failed the first glucose test and have to take the 3 hr one this Thursday. I am not that concerned about the test or even having GD, but what is bothering me is that I read somewhere that if you are diagnosed with diabetes they will take the baby to the nicu when he/she is born. I really don't want to miss out on that bonding time with my baby, and it's bothering me quite a bit. They took my daughter away for 5 hours (I think she just got lost in the shuffle, there wasn't anything wrong with her) and I really don't want to repeat that experience. Does anyone have any experience to tell me what happens in the hospital?


Audrea - July 5

It really depends on the situation. If you do have GDM but are able to maintain it well without meds. the baby is much more likely not to have blood sugar problems. They should do a blood glucose test to the baby within 1-2 hours after birth, but sometimes it is done within 30 minutes. If the blood sugar is too low the baby should be fed right away, and if b___stfeeding you need to make sure they only use sugar water. They will then retest in 30 min. and if it is still not good then most likely baby will go to NICU. If baby is taken care of properly right after birth it is not emminent to go to NICU, only with problems and then you would want your baby to go because babies can die if their blood sugar is not taken care of and stays too low for too long. Even babies that are born large for gestational age commonly have blood sugar problems. If you do have to take meds for control of your blood sugar then the baby should really be watched closely the first several hours of birth when it is the most dangerous. The baby's blood sugar during utero is controlled through the placenta from mom's body and that is where the insulin is also exchanged. So, after baby is born the blood sugar can drop dramatically due to it's own insulin production after birth that has been revved up during pregnancy. Hope that helps you.


miranda - July 5

thanks for your answer. I really knew nothing about it. I didn't end up having it with my first pregnancy and I don't have any symptoms, and the baby is measuring just about right, but I didn't know if they would just take the baby away because of routine no matter what the situation was. I appreciate your response.


Dani - July 5

I had it with my last and also have it this time. My son did not have any problems. He did not have to go to nicu, he was perfect weight and they just tested his blood sugar levels a few times.


Jbear - July 5

It's really common to fail the one hour test and do fine on the three hour. My doctor told me the best way to pa__s the test is not to eat any sugar for 24 hours before it. It worked for me.


miranda - July 6

I know, I failed the first one in my last pregnancy too, so I avoided sugar for 2 days before the test this time. Still failed it! I pa__sed the 3 hr. last time, though, so hopefully I will again.



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