Women Who Ve Gone All Natural Q For You

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whatisgoingon - October 14

For those women who have gone through labour all natural! Was it extremely h ard, did you ever feel like you couldn't cope or do it by yourself, did you want to ask for medication at any point? I am asking as this is my first baby and I am a little anxious about what sort of pain to expect, I really want to go all natural, the thought of any sort of medication freaks me out more than the birth. I don't want anything going into my body that can cross over to my prescious little man. I like to think that I have a pretty good pain threshold and that no matter what sort of agony I am in I will push through it for the sake of my baby being healthy and okay..I know every pregnancy and labour is different but if you could share your stories with me about your "all natural" birth and what sort of pain or mental road blocks you hit and advice you can give me, would be greatly appreciated. I have NO IDEA what to expect when I go into labour and would feel so much more at ease to just get an idea about what I may feel/experience. Thanks xo


January - October 14

I had ds completely natural. No meds. I went into the pregnancy knowing that's what I wanted. I didn't even look into what was available because I didn't care and I told my OB that. I never once asked for anything and because they knew my wishes, they never offered it to me. I never thought I couldn't handle it because I had my mind made up and to be honest, it wasn't that bad. I didn't scream, yell, holler, swear, etc. I just concentrated on what I was doing, closed my eyes when the pain was bad and I thought of meeting and holding my son.


tryin44 - October 14

I have had three children all natural. It is an awsome feeling and accomplishment. With my first two I never entertained anything but with my third I started questioning but told myself I have done it before and I can do it again. Like January said kepp your eye on the prize. Also usually when you get to the point were you might wonder if you can do it, usually you are almost home free. My first son was a big 10lbs 2 oz and I know (and doctor said) if I would have had the epidural he wouldn't have come out. He took over two hours of pushing and came out looking like he had been in a boxing match with my pelvic bones. I was so glad I did it. Just go into it expecting pain and knowing your body was made for this. It is one of the wonders of being a women. I am going in Tuesday to be induced and have thought about the epidural just to see what all the hubbub is about but I fear I will be very dissapointed if I do. Since this is my last I just don't know. Good Luck!!!!!!!! You can do it!!!!!


Erins Mom - October 14

I had my last daughter all natural, no drugs or other interventions, and yes it was painful, but it was pain with a purpose and I had educated myself very well on what to expect so I knew it was going to hurt badly. Honestly it was managable for me, my husband was a great support as well as my labor a__sistant, they (the nurses and doctors) tried to get me to have an epi even though they knew my wishes because I had a long labor (16 hour back labor) but I refused and like the other ladies said right about when you think you can't possibly do anymore is about the time your going to start pushing that baby out! Be strong, know what you want and don't want, and be prepared to fight for it. You can do it!


falafal0 - October 15

I'm almost 35 weeks with our fifth and had the last two babies natural. Not really by choice, but because I have fast labours and there IS no choice. I had pethdine (useless on me) with the first and a couple of breaths of gas on the second baby (so almost natural :-)) but again, it did nothing but mak me dizzy. I do believe though if I had teh same amount of pain I have had with my labours but they went for longer, I really would want something more. I don't know about an epidural (I've always been nervous about them). I had our 3rd child in car after 45 minutes so no choice and our last one just under half an hour at home via DH (no choice) and this one, again at home with a midwife hopefully this time. I guess my pain threshold is high, but not for hours on end! I don' know, I've always gone into as it comes and make a choice then because you never know how it's going to go. It is aswesome though not to be drugged up afterwards, to feel on a natural high instead. Just take it as it comes and you'll be fine. IT"S great that you want to try doing it natural too. i have a friend who'se got three girls and her labours are mostly pain free. She has water births and I honestly think now labor has a lot to do with our minds as well, how we approach it and deal with it as we're going through it. i'm not veyr good at that! But i am going to ry again this time around!


corbin289 - October 15

I had my two with no meds but like some of the women said it was my plan to do it with out meds. I had big babies also 9lbs & 9.6lbs. I also think I have a high pain tolerance and it is a little scary and with my first at one point I did break down and think I couldnt do it but it was over 30 hours of labor. With my second it was painful but it went really fast so I never even thought about meds. I guess what got me through is knowing this is the end, just a little longer and you'll get to meet your lo. If you really want to do it with out meds then just convince yourself you CAN do it with out meds and you'll be fine! Good luck!! Its also true it really does feel like a huge accomplishment. When ever I have had to do anything painful I always tell myself if I can give birth to two toddler size kids I can do anything :)


countrymom - October 15

Great advice here! Thanks! I too am planning to go all natural for the reasons mentioned. I have an additional question of the ladies here. Is the key to going into it believing you can do it with all your heart, or is it feeling the pain and pushing through it? Erins mom....can you tell me how you prepared? All, I have been told that from 1 to 5cm you can muscle through it and it's not so bad, then 5 to 7cm you're wondering if you can do it and cursing your husband out, then 8 to 10 cm you're in the worst pain of your life and will probably say things you'll regret. Is this more or less true? I'm trying to get a sense of what to expect. I've prepared well and have hired a doula. What else should I be doing? Thoughts? I'm 35 weeks. Thanks!!


Erins Mom - October 15

Countrymom - I read a ton! I'd reccomend Natural Birth the Bradley Way or the Thinking Woman's Guide to Pregnancy to name a couple. I also took Bradley Cla__ses (teaches different relaxation techniques to try during labor - the key is that you and your husband practice BEFORE labor so you know what works for you). I'd talk to your doula as well about different labor positions (keep moving while your in labor!, switch positions, go to the bathroom often, keep hydrated, eat if your hungry) and different relaxation methods she might be aware of before you go into labor. As for the labor itself - I for one was never cursing out my husband or anyone else, I was actually pretty focused inward and wasn't very vocal shall we say. Some women are much more vocal however and if you don't know how to handle or manage the pain might end up saying things they regret (or don't depending on the situation!). Basically from 8 to 10 cm was the most intense for me (with is transition - the hardest part) and also the actual crowning. I don't care how many people tell you about the burning or "ring of fire", you can never be prepared for how bad it actually does BURN. That's the only part where I was really like WHAT THE CRAP HAVE I DONE! But it was over pretty quickly and I was just fine. I have also given birth with an epidural and I can honestly say that I would pick natural any day after having experienced both. But that's just me and I know others would (and do) differ with me on that one! I think it's great you've hired a doula - they are such a wonderful help!



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