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??LUCKY OR NOT?? - November 17

I am 33 weeks pregnant and luckily have not seen one stretch mark on my stomach. My stomach is as smooth and clear as ever. My stomach isnt that big for the many months I am either and this is my first baby. Is there any chance I can get lucky and get by this pregnancy without strech marks or will stretch marks be attacking my stomach soon?


Christine - November 18

It could go either way...with my first I carried her really small...at 8 months I looked like I should have been 4 months...(she was almost 7 pounds) anyway I didnt get almost any on my stomach...some on the insides of my legs...and some on my b___sts...with my second daughter I got horrible ones...and I was huge(she weighed 2 ounces more than my first go figure), but I still have horrible ones 4 yrs later pregnant with my 3rd...I'm still only 1/2 there right now....but not everyone gets them...good luck to you and try using some creams/lotions....Dont Scratch...


KM - November 18

I didn't get any till 38 wks. now im covered.


Mariela - November 18

Hey, my stomach isnt big either and im about 32 weeks, i have no stretch marks on my stomach, though i do have lots of stretch marks on my b___t and thighs and hips and a little on my breats :(


KM - November 19

thats where i got them first too. on my thighs, b___sts,and a little on my bum. now my stomach has them all over


- - November 19

Well I have no stretch marks anywhere and Im going to be 35 weeks. The weird thing is I am still pretty small too my stomach looks little and round it looks as if I were 5 months. I have a friend who was like that too and she went through her pregnancy with no stretch marks her baby is 6 months and her stomach looks perfect as if she never had a baby. nice and toned too. Lucky her huh?


tara20 - May 15

can you still get pregnt if your on the bith contral pill


rachel_renee_20 - May 15

Im 36weeks and no stretch marks either as my mom says your either born to get them or lucky enough not to. Maybe when you get further along you will get some or maybe you'll get lucky and have none at all. I've been adivised to take good care of my skin and use lotion everyday to lessen the chances, don't know that it works but it's worth a try.


foxhoundsrgr8 - May 15

Well, I'm past 37 wks pregnant, and I don't have any anywhere on my body and very much doubt that will ever do...So, yes, it is possible to not have any even when you are pregnant...


3babies - May 15

Foxhound I dont want to burst your bubble but with my second son I didnt get a stretchmark until the last week (only got a few small ones just above my pubic bone ... I think cos he was so low). After they faded though you couldnt even notice them. I'm hoping for similar this time!


mia - May 16

hi,i did not get any with my first and so far 35 weeks 2 days none.


mishy - May 16

I got covered in them! DH called them my "tiger stripes"... or my "free tattoos" b./c they were also really dark purple and all over my thighs, belly, b___t, back and b___sts.. they did fade but they are still well and truly there with some fresh ones this time (at 32 weeks). I did the lotion thing every day and it didn't help a bit. But its all worth it!!



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