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afireinsideamanda - September 27

im 39 w 2 days i think, and due soon!!! what are some signs that i need to look out for to tell if im starting to dilate or efface more or if labor is soon??? last time iwas checked i wasnt dilated at all, over 80% effaced... ive done EVERYTHING i know to do, short of castor oil to start things up and nothing is working...including s_x at least once a day, nipple stimulation , m____eion, walking, stairs, spicy food... nothing is working :( im starting to get so discouraged... im so afraid my cervix wont open at all.. that its like...defective...


afireinsideamanda - September 27

are you kidding?? no answers yet?? :(


afireinsideamanda - September 27

ALSO- is it safe at 39 w past, to drink raspberry leaf tea??


DDT - September 27

None of those things will work unless your body & baby are ready. Yes, its safe to drink raspberry tea leaf. None of these things you've mentioned are sure ways to go into labour, and not every one of them works for every woman. You haven't even hit your due date yet. Just relax and enjoy your baby in your belly...those kicks, rolls and jabs...because you will miss it once s/he is born. Appreciate the fact that you are able to carry to term, and that you will have a healthy baby. Your cervix is not defective.


missy046 - September 27

DDT, nicly put! I never really at things that way. God Bless.


missy046 - September 27

Oops, I meant I never really looked at it that way. Good luck Amanda.


durante baby - September 28

DDT pretty much said it, the one thing that I can tell you is that when My water broke contractons werent starting on thier own it seemed,so I used my brest pump, and about 2mins into useing it contractions started...I did it a little longer to try to make sure they stuck, but didnt want to do it for too long cause Ive heard it can make your contractions too strong....Well needless to say it worked....but im sure your cervix is fine...It is thinning quite a bit so dialation will be alot easier when labor acturally starts...Dont get discouraged.....I doubt they will let you go far past your dd, so I guarentee any day now well be seeing you post your birth story....GL


WP - September 28

Yup. DDT summed it up perfectly. No one knows how or why labour begins, so sit back and enjoy what you can of this time. Easier said than done, I know.


afireinsideamanda - September 28

well thanks, and im sorry that im being irritating...



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