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Angiconda - June 19

Hey ladies I am currently 30 weeks and not to sound like a whiner but I am absolutley miserable sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day. My feet and hand are swollen and hurt, my tail bone is so incrediablly sore that it hurts to sit and on top of that I have suck bad siatica (sorry spelling) that it keeps me from getting any sleep. I am wondering if anyone can offer any advice I get up and walk each hour and keep my feet elevated but nothing seems to help. I am wondering if maybe my doctor would reduce my work hours to 1/2 days but I am doubtful. A girl I work with who is due July 15 has been on 1/2 days for some time now due to the fact that her hips hurt and she can sleep at night. I highly doubt my doctor will do anything hes not very sympathetic. Any advice is highly appericated as I am in pain and willing to try anything....oh and I have also went to physical therapy and she said there really wasnt much she could do about the saitica while I am pregnant.


miraclebaby - June 19

I would ask him anyways regardless of what you think he will say, maybe he will say ok, and if he says no then ask him what to do??? Tell him how swollen you are and the whole story ...I would be persistant. Do you have enough time after the baby is here to stay after, if so then go for it Good luck to you :) :) :)


Angiconda - June 19

I am planning on staying home after my little guy is born and worse case senario I will get a part time job when DH gets home working a few night per week. I just feel like I am annoying my doctor and whining.


Ca__sie06 - June 19

hi! I would check into that with my dr too! The worse he could say is no!! I am 33 weeks and start a new job next week! It is at a daycare, and I know it sounds crazy but I have everything ready for the baby and am bored to death with waiting. I start next week and will work a few weeks or up until I go into labor, depending on how I feel just so I can get used to everything. Then I will have 6 weeks off and go back part time and can bring the baby with me! :)


CyndiG - June 19

Angiconda, I just went on 1/2 days last week. I told my dr. that I was stressed at work, and exhausted all the time. I asked her if it would be possible for her to write a note saying 1/2 days and she said absolutely no problem. I was really surprised. But then again, they aren't out anything. She did ask if I had enough sick time to cover it and I said yes. I've been on 1/2 days now for almost a week, and it's GREAT!! I come home, take a nap, clean, work on some baby stuff, it's sooo nice. It can't hurt to ask. You may be surprised how easily he says yes.


Angiconda - June 19

I figure I will ask him on the 27th when I go in and if he says no I can always ask my midwife she is more understanding then he is but I wont see her until my next appt after the 27th


everthiki - June 19

Maybe you can call and ask your Dr. by phone?? I understand your pain. My last day at work is June 30th because of my very uncomfortable sciatica pain...I also need to drive and walk around alot for my job which is not going so well anymore. I'm a social worker...I have tried heating pads , but it only brings relief for about an hour if that. Warm baths have helped and surprisingly walking on the treadmill for 10-20 minutes helps me. The pain always seems to hit me at work though. Goodluck and keep us posted.


everthiki - June 19

I have heard that chiropractic care helps a lot for severe sciatica/back pain for pregnant women.


2nd time mama - June 20

hi there, i don't think you'll be annoying your dr. if you truly feel like you can't work let him know. i'm sure he should be able to do something...he should be looking at your best interest and health. don't be scared...!! i work in an office environment as well. i'm 34 weeks now...and i'm calling it quits next week. i can't take it mat benefits won't kick in for another month but it sure beats having to lug yourself in when you'd like nothing more than to relax. good luck !


Nerdy Girl - June 20

I had the same problem - horrible sciatic problems and was so uncomfortable. It is a totally c___ppy situation because you know that the only thing that's going to make you feel better is delivering the baby, and that's still 10 more weeks away. My only advice is to be careful not to jeopardize your maternity benefits. Even if you plan on leaving your job after the baby comes, you could lose out on 6-8 weeks paid leave if you just quit now. And you have to be careful if you plan to return to work after the baby because many companies have a certain number of weeks you get off through the Family Leave Act (12 weeks total, including the part that is your paid maternity leave). Therefore, starting your maternity leave (or extended disability leave) before the birth may actually reduce the number of weeks you get after the birth. I know I sound cynical ... is it no surprise to tell you that I worked for a big bureaucratic Fortune 500 company that was a real PITA to me regarding my maternity leave? LOL.


Angiconda - June 20

Thank you all so much! I have seperate disability benefits that are not connected through work so I am not super concerned about that I am willing to work half days I just can do it all day I am in to much pain. I know my doctors SIL had really bad saitica and she was in a wheel chair at the end of her pregnancy and had to be induced. I have had saitica since I have been about 16 but since I have been pregnant it is SO much worse, I wake DH up the the middle of the night because I am in pain and hes like are you ok?? I cant wait until my new recliner gets delivered that will be my new bed LOL



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