Work Pushing For Me Back I Haven T Even Left Yet

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inuk-mama - September 24

Ok, I am a dj at our local radio station as as it stands right now, we are down to 3 announcers for a 12 hour shift. It should be split into 4 hours per announcer but I seem to be taking the brunt of it, by doing 6 hour shift each day plus commercials and recording clients. I have planned on taking my maternity leave on October 19th. I have offered to still do the occasional commercial or live on location. Last week, my boss came to me and asked if I could do one sunday a month while I'm on maternity leave. (I am taking my full 52 weeks) I said I'd need to think about it and DH and I both thought that with 3 kids it may be too tough, especially if he is out of town or something. I haven't given her my answer yet, but today she came to me and asked if I could also push my maternity leave back a week wince she hasn't started looking for someone to replace me! I gave my notice way back in July!!!!!! My boss is the type of person to sit back and let everyone else do the dirty work, and she is a huge procrastinator. She has no family here except her husband, no kids, nothing. She gets me to work the occasional weekend already and we have 2 kids at home. I feel like work is tearing me away from my family but at the same time, I really love my career and want to do a good job! At the end of each year we've been here, our general manager gives us a travel bonus and my one year is up on November 16th. Which is also my due date. Our station is in the process of being sold and we aren't sure weather the new company will keep up with the bonus. If I push my maternity leave back a week it will be three weeks from when I should get my bonus. Should I ask the GM if I could get my travel bonus if I push back my leave and help the station out? Or should I just tell them all that I am taking leave on my original date? I am confused and not sure what to do here!!!?? I know that I probably should have posted this in the back to work section but no one seems to answer there! Sorry for the long post! :)


DeeD - September 24

I don't know...there are so many mixed things here that rally it comes down to what you would like to do. You seem to have a few options. While it is hard with the Sunday a month isn't much-BUT, yes it is hard. It is tough to imagine staying one more week when you have your heart set to leave earlier...but then again , it is only a week later. Sounds like you are very valuable to have all these options. Do what you think is for you and YOUR family...not necessarily what your boss wants. GL!


staci - September 24

Inuk sorry your boss is a b___thead! I mean gosh, you asked for this in July for goodness sake. If you do end up staying an extra week make sure you get something out of it. Your boss is taking advantage of you. Yes they need you, but are still taking advantage by asking you to work when you asked off a long time ago. Ask for that bonus and only work if they will give it to you. As far as the Sunday's go, it may be a chance to get out of the house and stay in the swing of things, BUT, BIG BUT, DO NOT let your boss guilt you into working more. If you want to work more you volunteer. I would just take charge here because it def. sounds like she is not and if you don't she will milk you for all your worth. To some this may not sound like a big deal, but from what you've been saying for a while now it will not stop unless you take charge of the situation. Good luck in your decision inuk!!


Tory1980 - September 25

I would be telling your boss tough! She has had months to sort something and she has delayed doing anything. Take your maternity leave when you said you were going to. Be careful though as some won't pay maternty leave if you go back to work before a certain time period is up. As for once a month do you believe she will stick to just the once? The idea of leave is that you don't work. Granted it is your decision but I know I would tell her to poke it and get it sorted.


Pearl - September 25

I know how you feel! I work at a smaller market TV station directing the morning and noon newscasts. Along with that, there are several weekly programs that I do. When I had my second child (son-now 4 years old) in 2003, it was during sweeps. I was originally going to take 2 months off, but after 2 weeks, I couldn't stand the constant phone calls and requests to come back to work. I kind of regret it, but I went back just 2 1/2 weeks after I had a c-section. My son was still too young and I had to stop b___st feeding....It was a mess and I know now that I screwed up. I am going to be gone for November sweeps (I am a little over 34 weeks) this year and when I told my boss I was pregnant (at 13 weeks) I told him that there was NO WAY I would come back during sweeps! I am not going to make that mistake again. I am taking my full time! There's no way they can change my mind this time! I don't care h ow much money they offer me! My time with my kids is so much more important than my paycheck. Take your time honey...don't commit to anything you don't completely feel comfortable with!


Quinns Mom - September 25

Since you said you have 52 weeks I'm guessing you're in Canada. As far as I know your boss cannot ask you the things she's asking of you. You decide when you go on maternity leave and when you return (within or after 52 weeks is up). If you work during your leave will most likely be taken off your mat leave pay (here the government pays for mat leave). In Ontario you are allowed to earn $50 or 25% of your weekly parental leave EI benefits before they deduct it from your benefits. If your are still on pregnancy leave they deduct everything you earn. Btw if you got your bonus it may be considered income and they may deduct that from your benefits as well. Do some number crunching with your husband to see what works for you. If working doesn't work for you tell your boss to pound sand. Maybe she'll actually start to do her job in the future.


inuk-mama - September 25

Thanks for all your responses. I will have to look into what I can actually take home without deductions. I am just stressed out since she is a total lazy lucy!


claire83 - September 25

Hi where is it you live? i live in the uk im also taking my full 52 weeks maternity leavde which im currently on, in the uk you are not allowed to work immediately after the birth for at least 2 weeks and you are not allowed to work during your maternity leave as that is like returning to work, if i was you i would stick to your original dates to start your leave and would not agree to do the occa__sional sunday etc


claire83 - September 25

just to add what i meant about not being able to do the occa__sional day on maternity leave, the first day you do will be the day your maternity leave ends well thats how it works here anyhow


inuk-mama - September 25

I am in Canada. Here you are allowed to work a certain amount before deductions are taken off.



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