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kimbrly1006 - September 27

I am 30 weeks and doing well my baby is VERY active and I thought nothing of it until my stupid sister in law decided to tell me that active babies can choke themselves with the cord...is this true or even likely?? please someone let me know THANKS


Tory1980 - September 27

Okay your sister in law is an a__s! No offence. I have had three (now four) very active babies and there has NEVER been a problem with the cord. It is very unlikely that that wil happen and I wouldn't worry about it. Should the baby have the cord wrapped around it's neck during birth the medical personnel will know exactly how to deal with it and you probably won't even be aware of that happening until after the birth. It is true it can happen but I think she is trying to scare you for some reason and I would tell her to back off.


Tink - September 27

i agree- take every piece of 'advice' you get with a grain of salt. my baby is SUPER active and he is just fine in there- still strong h/b and still moving. they will 'play' with their cord sometimes, it is common. it is very RARE for something like your sister said to happen. for every bad situation like that we hear about, there are thousands of perfect births. don't focus on the 'what ifs', focus on the positive instead. we can't sweat the stuff we can't control anyways.


kimbrly1006 - September 27

thank you so much for that! She hasn't been the easiest person to deal with I really appreciate it! :) PS she is an a__s!


emfine99 - September 28

why would she tell you this? I'd be p__sed! honestly, i heard that the cord problem is less likely to happen, there is a small percent and it does happen, but just because it does happen doesn't mean it's going ot happen to all of us! If I were you, I'd be happy that the baby is active! At least you know it's there and moving! :-)


docbytch - September 28

Hey Kimbrly...first thing is someone needs to teach your SIL what NOT to say to a pregnant woman in her 3rd trimester. Some people seem to have no tact. I am sorry she said those things to you and don't blame you if it's got your worried. Especially in light of what happened to another poster about one month agoish. Anyway...I can tell you that my boy is also VERY active most of the time (I like it when he gives me a respite though because his movements hurt!) and on my US last week the cord was just FINE. I am 37w4d. Next time you talk to her give her a piece of your mind!!


beagle1223 - September 28

Kimbrly- I have a sister-in-law that sounds like yours! She has a nursing degree but hasn't ever worked as a nurse but she still thinks she knows everything about everything! And of course, according to her, everything I'm doing is wrong! My advice - don't listen to nosey sister-in-laws. An active baby is a good thing - I'm almost 37 weeks and I think mine has been learning karate or something in there - he is soooo active and everything is fine. Don't worry, your baby will be fine!


DaBonkElsMe - September 28

The cord could get wrapped around any baby, but the baby's activity level has nothing to do with it!


jenna32 - September 28

i saw this while watching "bringing home baby" today.They said the doctor said the same thing tha t_t'll only happen if the baby is like a olympian in there!


WP - September 28

You should wrap a cord around your SIL's neck!



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