Worried About Baby He S Not Moving

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erin25 - October 13

Today I have not really felt him move at all. I even ate something and laid on my left side but nothing. Could something be wrong? I am 37 weeks 3 days.


January - October 13

depends on what you mean by "not really" felt him move. you could call labor and delivery and tell them what's going on. They may want you to go in for an NST. They say to lay down, and give it an hour.. count ANY movement, not just kicks, but not hiccups.. if you don't get 10 in an hour, they say do it for another hour.. if still nothing.. go in.


DaBonkElsMe - October 13

A couple of weekends ago, I did not feel my baby move from Saturday evening to Sunday afternoon. On Sunday I called a nurse who told me to have something very sweet, like candy or fruit, and to lie down with no distractions. Sometimes if you're destracted, you miss some of the little movements. Like January said, the nurse told me to count any little flutter, movement, or or kick that I feel over the next hour. She said if i counted ten or more, not to worry. She said if I counted less than ten, continue for one more hour. Within that two hour time frame I should count 20 movements. If not, I was to call the doctor for an appointment. But as it turned out for me, i counted ten small movements in that first hour. The very next day, my boy was very active again. I find that he definitely has some days on when he's very active all the time, and some days off, when he barely moves much at all. Try the kick count thing, and if you are still worried after that two hours, call your doctor, even if just for peace of mind. Your little one is probably fine, I'm sure it's just getting cramped in there!


Pearl - October 14

I am 37 weeks now and I have found that my baby boy doesn't move around as much. Sometimes he just has little-almost un-noticeable-movements. Did the movement counting work?


erin25 - October 14

I gals! He did start moving a little more last night....or more like rolling around. That made me feel so much better!! I am so worried he is going to get wrapped around his umbilical cord or something and I won't know it. I am 37 weeks 4 days today.....I am getting so anxious to meet him....I wish he would make his appearance very soon!!!


chickiepoo9 - October 14

I am glad he is moving more today try not to stress about those things we have no control over the chances that he will be perfect and greatly in your favor good luck and the last few weeks will fly by before you no it you will have your little boy in your arms


Mrs.Steve - October 14

I'm glad to see he's moving more. I kept checking back waiting for your update. Babies are funny people with funny personalities, even before they get here.



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