Worried About Baby Please Help

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amber - October 18

hey i am 27 weeks, a couple days i just havent felt the baby move really in these two days should i be worried?? Is there a certain point when u get to big that u wont really feel it or what is it?? Should i call my doctor? Please let me know thank u!!


Tanyav - October 18

Hi amber, did you try and eat something and lay on your left side? That usually does the trick but if it doesn't I would give you doctor a call and see what they say.


Steph - October 18

I would definetly do what you can to see if you can get some movement, but also call your doctor - you should be having regular fetal movement daily - even when you get farther along.


Brandie - October 18

My doctor told me babies are just like us they have days when they wake up and just want to be lazy. But two days is the max you should go without feeling much movement, after that you should call your doc.


amber - October 18

well i did eat some starburst and then lay down n she moved a little bit but then she stopped so should i still call my dr.?


Michelle - October 18

I would wait til morning.....wait til you lay down tonight and see if she really starts moving. My daughter was like that the other day...she was real quiet and today...she is back to her normal self. :)`


Ca__sie - October 18

Babies don't move constantly, though by 27 weeks you should feel them move every day... just not all day. They have to rest too, just like us. :-) Pick two active periods of the day (when baby is active) and make sure she moves 10 times in an hour. It is always fun to give them a jolt with orange juice and then lie on your left side too. Hope this helps.


rae - October 18

when i had contractions, i was as far along as you are now. the doc sent me home and told me that if you are worried about the baby, drink some water, lay down with your hand on your stomach, and count how many movements there are. if its less than 10 in two hours, im supposed to go to the hospital. babies get too big to move around much, but they still kick like crazy, the doc said, so if you are worried, call a doctor! it cant hurt, right?


Ca__sie - October 18

I had that issue a couple weeks ago, and my dr. replied to me that the baby is still small enough to turn away or so called hide* It wont be able to do that for too much longer, but not to be alarmed.



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